Einsatz von KI zur Stärkung des Selbstbewusstseins von Grundschülern in der Tipton Green Junior School

The Tipton Green Junior School’s motto is „dream, believe, achieve“. Teaching hundreds of grades 3 through 6 students in the heart of the Black Country in the West Midlands, the school underlines this with a diverse, balanced and relevant curriculum while equipping students with strong digital skills.

We spoke to Victoria Brownhill, Assistant Principal, to learn more about their digital strategy, why they chose CENTURY, how AI supports their teachers, and what advice they would give to other elementary schools.

What is your school’s approach to technology?

We use technology to improve teaching and learning, but also to help our children navigate the modern world. Technology is the basis for much of what we do as a primary school because we want children to be able to use it safely throughout their lives. As hardware we have iPads and Chromebooks that we use for CENTURY, Times Tables, Rock Stars and other digital activities.

We think it is important that the children have access to various devices. Sometimes they use an iPad, other times a Chromebook – it gives them the confidence to have more control over their learning. We want them to be confident with all kinds of technology and different apps because they need to be prepared for the world we live in.

Why did you choose CENTURY?

We have always used technology to improve learning, but the closings experience over the past year has led us to adopt a transformative solution. Before we started using CENTURY, the platforms we were using weren’t really usable for us. Even if you could get something that was labeled yourself, creating the actual resources was still time consuming. When school closings became a real possibility, we wanted to be one step ahead of the game. We wanted something that would improve learning while reducing the workload for teachers. The workload would not have been manageable if the entire school had been closed. So we started with CENTURY, and we’re glad we did.

With CENTURY, there is no grading and the need to create resources so that our teachers can focus on what the children actually need from them as teachers. I can also see if there is a specific question that the kids trip over, write it on the board and get them all together to explain, and I can easily see in real time which kids are working hard and which are struggling .

CENTURY is particularly useful for distance learning. A teacher at my school uses it to keep an eye on the performance level of the children during distance learning, because you can see the performance level of the class very precisely and praise, challenge or encourage accordingly.

How is CENTURY helping you now that schools are open again?

We use CENTURY in different ways. For example, last Friday we used it to diagnose class 5 math to see where students might have gaps in their knowledge, but then we used it for homework as well.

We also used it to give the children tasks such as: B. Take a photo of your work and upload it. This way we also submitted written work during the closure which could then be rated by the teacher and sent back to the children so they could see the feedback.

We also ran a competition for 3D models and asked the children to upload photos of their models to CENTURY so that someone like me could rate them even if it wasn’t my class.

After school closings and all the interruptions, we could say our students have ‚gaps‘ in their learning, but we don’t call it ‚lost learning‘ because we actually had a pretty good distance learning program. When the school closed, our kids had live classes every day, and we pretty much chased them to make sure they were online. We didn’t have a lot of kids who weren’t online. So if you are talking about a learning loss, it means that everything the kids did during the closure made no sense. It wasn’t the same as a classroom, but it was learned nonetheless. The children just see it as a different way of learning.

How does AI help you as a primary school teacher?

CENTURY is trend-setting in the way in which the work of children is aligned and differentiated. The teachers know that they do not have to search for different resources for different levels of ability, because the personalized learning paths will always be at the right level for each child. We have also found that certain children who want to do extra chores at home can do so with CENTURY because there is always something for them to do on their learning path. It encourages children to enjoy learning and encourages them to take it into their own hands.

With the help of diagnostics, the teachers can also see where the knowledge gaps from the previous year are. For example, the diagnostic data from CENTURY showed us that grade 5 children had forgotten a lot of what they had learned about decimal numbers, so we could fix it quickly.

We have received a lot of positive feedback from our teachers. We conducted a survey on the wellbeing of teachers in the middle of a closure and many of them said CENTURY made their work easier. Our teachers really see the value of a platform that uses AI to personalize learning while reducing the administrative burden on them.

This also means that during Ofsted’s interim visits we can easily prove what the children were doing during the closure by showing their CENTURY results, the hours they completed and their completed work on the platform. This way we can prove and evaluate what they did.

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