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Who we are and what we will do:
The Project Cross-Innovation promotes collaborative and user-driven innovation that happens across sectoral, organisational, technological and geographic boundaries. Its focus rests on policies and support measures that enable cross-innovation and creative spillovers between creative sectors and other industries. The partnership consists of 11 metropolitan hotspots that have the potential to put cross-innovation on the top of local and regional policy agendas across Europe: Birmingham, Amsterdam, Rome, Berlin, Tallinn, Warsaw, Vilnius, Stockholm, Linz, Lisbon, and Pilsen.

The project focusses on practices in four sub-themes:

  1. Smart Incentives – innovative types of finance that enable cross-innovation,
  2. Culture-based Innovation – schemes that unleash innovation in business and the public sector by introducing artistic and creative practices,
  3. Brokerage – services that build bridges between sectors by connecting cross-innovation enablers ith beneficiaries,
  4. Spatial Cross-Collaboration – services offered to companies in co-working spaces, incubators, fab-labs, science parks and to local clusters.

Each partner champions such practices in its respective city. To further learn about them the partnership foresees a participative programme of experience exchange events, including “cross-innovation policy clinics” to improve local policies. In addition, cross-innovation with SMEs runs throughout the project. It examines how local support can enable companies that operate in co-working spaces and incubators to collaborate in order to develop their products and services for other markets and overcome EU market fragmentation.

The main project results include an online knowledge base of good practices, a toolkit on implementing cross-innovation instruments and 11 city-level implementation plans.