Thursday 28th and Friday 29th November 2013 the City of Warsaw, together with co-working spaces, organized a series of events, aimed at promoting the idea of co-working, fablab and hackerspace. Read their report of the event highlights down below.

On 28th of November, one of central commuters spot of Warsaw’s Old Town hosted a pop up co-working event and was transformed into a co-working office. There were furniture, some office equipment, 3D printer and a coffee machine. For four hours the organizers talked to people passing by and coming across a question „What is co-working?“. Many people stopped and started a conversation. The experiences form the happening proved both that the concept of co-working spaces still needs a bit more promotion and also, once explained, it is very attractive to many people. Have a look at a short movie from the happening, produced by a co-working space Biurco

Debate night
On the same day in the evening, the event continued with an open debate, with participation of representatives of the City and spaces for cooperation. The issues discussed during the debate were, among others, profiling of the spaces and how the creative spaces encourage cross-sectoral collaborations and spillovers. A new trend has come to Poland from other countries – Polish corporations have noticed the innovative potential of co-working spaces and are sending their staff to work there. The representatives of co-working spaces pointed the role of the municipality when it comes to supporting co-working – the City should support the trends and promote the idea, rather than be a developer or operator of spaces.

On 29th of November, co-working spaces invited all interested persons for a special open day. The visitors were mostly people who found out about the events from advertisement in public transport or during the happening. They came to find out about co-working and talk, a few decided to sign in for cooperation.

Co-working and the city
Co-working spaces are an important topic for a City, at least in three dimensions related ti development and cooperation: local entrepreneurs looking for a creative workplace or developing business ideas; entrepreneurs from the creative sector and city authorities that can together promote Warsaw’s business on external markets; networking of local SMEs and their development. The municipality can most of all observe sector’s initiatives and support them and help in the process of networking.

The events were organized by the City of Warsaw, the Cross Innovation and the European Creative Clusters Lab projects. 

To see the photos of the event are found here, and photos of the debate are found here.