BBsuit_byborreOn Friday, June 13th the national winner of the Creative Business Cup in the Netherlands was chosen. Borre Akkersdijk with his BB.Suit is elected as national winner. He gets the chance to compete for the title Winner of the Creative Business Cup 2014. A prestigious (money) prize for the world’s most creative and innovative entrepreneur at the moment.

National Qualification
The Amsterdam Economic Board organized the Dutch preliminaries for the Creative Business Cup. Creative entrepreneurs from the Netherlands were invited to sign up, after which the jury eventually makes a choice for a winner. Out of the 15 entries, two finalists were selected: Anna Chojnacka (OutBox Matters) and Borre Akkersdijk (ByBorre). Anna signed up with the concept Q-Bee. A 3D printer that reuses old plastic to print furniture on the spot; the printer should eventually work on solar energy. Borre signed up with one of his projects, the BB. Suit (also known from SXSW, you can find more information here). The BB.Suit is the first step in the creation of a new platform that creates interaction between the user, bystanders and the web.

Follow up                                         
The next few months, the Amsterdam Economic Board will organize a special follow-up for Borre. This includes a pitch training, additional jury recommendations, the opportunity to participate in The Roast (initiated by Young on Board) and making a movie that can be used during the final in Copenhagen.