Lisbon Creative Economy Book Cross Innovation is proud to present the Lisbon Creative Economy Book!

The book is written and published by our Cross Innovation partners in Lisbon, and was developed with the financial support from Cross Innovation. Throughout the rest of the year, the book will be spread to the actors, companies and creative areas in the city of Lisbon.

This blueprint on the creative economy of the city of Lisbon is inspired by the spirit of cross-innovation and an opportunity to identify and encourage the creative potential of the city to spark new ideas as an impulse necessary for increased urban competitiveness and sustainability, and for getting creative agents involved in finding solutions. If development is also on creativity, creativity is in the city where we can move from vision to action, through connection.

‘Identity Card’ of the creative economy of Lisbon
In his foreword to the book, Mr Graça Fonseca ((Lisbon Deputy Mayor for Economy and Innovation) states:

“The presentation of this ‘identity card’ of the creative economy of Lisbon and its sharing and discussion with the different stakeholders of the city, is born of the Lisbon Municipality’s will to streamline an open and participatory process, stimulating interaction and action of the creative economy stakeholders that innovate, create and deliver value. The creative cluster in Lisbon, its vitality and abundance and value creation, are elements reflected here, demonstrating the importance of addressing the strategic sector, with a prospective attitude for the future.”

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