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The festival “Street Musicians’ Day” blurs the boundaries between the music performers and regular listeners by inviting everybody to play music in public areas. The open and democratic format of the festival has been one of the reasons for dramatic rise of its popularity since 2007.

The age, music style, social status, professionalism and other subjective or objective factors of the performers are of no importance. The goal is to fill in the city with music sounds and become a part of a playing city. The festival illustrates one of the best examples of highly efficient social marketing techniques where the idea to take a part in the festival is shared and spread among city community members.

Each year the organisers launch an interactive map of Lithuanian cities in order to coordinate distribution of the city areas and the time for performances of hundreds of musicians.  The festival is an example of cross innovative use of artistic content, social and viral marketing and efficient usage of IT solutions for coordinating a massive cultural event.

The “Street Musicians’ Day” has been actively replicated in other Lithuanian cities. It has also been “exported” to other countries and is being organised in Riga, Tbilisi, and Minsk every year. The festival has become a recognisable part of the Vilnius brand itself when its highly democratic concept has been “exported” East, to the countries of Belarus and Georgia.

Role of partners?
Brand design, web design, information dissemination, etc.

Why is it needed?
The festival proved to become one of the most successful projects of the Vilnius European Culture Capital 2009 programme. Its increasing popularity and potential to encourage people to play music in public fosters social and cultural citizens’ interaction.  It also serves as an important example of the power of social communication and city branding.

What are the success factors and challenges?
Massive participation of citizens has become a success factor and a challenge for organisers at the same time. The interactive map of Lithuanian cities with a possibility for participants to register online aids in planning and coordination of the event.

Business name: Mono Stero Įrašai
Contact name: Daina Urbanavičienė
Address: V. Grybo g. 43-9
Telephone: –
City: Vilnius
Country: Lithuania
E-mail: daina[at]
Legal status of Company: NGO, Public Institution
Number of employees: 5
Nature of business: Organisation of the public music festival “Street Musicians’ Day”
Name of company collaborating with: Vilnius City Municipality, mobile connection and internet provider Omnitel, WebTemple, Insurance Company, BrandWorks, MediaPark, Coffe Inn.
Title of project Street Musicians’ Day
Dates of activity from: 2007 – present
Activity Theme: Culture-based Innovation
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