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At the moment the package of e-services consists of 41 e-services of IIIrd and IVth level of interactiveness. A user has to register to the system using e–banking or e–signature for identity identification.

The E – democracy is based on information system which enables residents to participate in decision–making development and implementation, ensures cooperation between the citizens and the city government, fosters transparence, accountability and quality of decision-making system, promotes new forms of political expression, ensures easy access to information resources for the citizens.

Smart Vilnius provides a single access to different service sectors, such as archives, culture, education, sport, youth, taxes, preservation of green areas of the city, services provided by the neighbourhoods of the city, services related to construction works and architectural requirements, services for businesses, information on the City Council, questions related to public order, coordination of public events, agricultural and environmental issues, etc.
The system also contains an integrated interactive map of the city with a wide range of information related to urban planning, infrastructure, transport (road load, car accidents, traffic jams, schools, permits for construction, designed buildings, urban problem registry, 3D models, outdoor cafes, bike lanes, public events, local tool zones, animal walking places, etc.).

The comprehensive integrated virtual platform Smart Vilnius for various e-services is an example of cross innovation in communication of official city and its residents. Space for informal contact between the city and the citizens is designed to facilitate involvement of citizens into urban planning and social development of the city.

Role of partners?
Promotion of the Project idea as well as developing technical solutions for the web and mobile platforms.

Why is it needed?
Smart Vilnius aims at facilitating communication between the City government and citizens. Otherwise planning and implementation of urban and social development policy would be isolated from citizens and it would be difficult to receive and collect new ideas related to urban and social development of the city.

What are the success factors and challenges?
Development of electronic services requires a lot of financial resources, effort and time.
The biggest challenge of the project is to ensure that the provided means of communication correspond to the rapidly changing needs of social environment of the city.

Business name: Vilnius City Municipality
Contact name: Valdas Klimantavičius
Address: Konstitucijos pr. 3, LT-09601 Vilnius
Telephone: +370 5 211 2000
City: ViInius
Country: Lithuania
E-mail: e.vicemeras[at]
Legal status of Company: Budgetary Institution
Number of employees: 952
Nature of business: Local Government
Name of company collaborating with: Municipal Company Vilniaus planas, Startup Monthly Vilnius, Conference Login, IT & developers’ companies, etc.
Title of project: Smart Vilnius
Dates of activity from: 2012

Activity Theme: Culture-based Innovation
Project website:


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