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Planet Modulor is an association of small and medium sized companies from fields as various as merchandising, manual crafts, design, art and culture. It provides products and services for professional creatives from all fields. The initiative works as a creative centre providing a quality-based alternative to purely consumerism-oriented shopping. It is located at Moritzplatz in Berlin-Kreuzberg at the heart of a creative community of makers, co-workers, craftsmen and designers.

Planet Modulor is experimenting with the prototype of a new place where merchandising, crafts and services are productively joined and create innovative, cultural and social projects. Designers, architects and makers find the environment, material and tools to develop and make their ideas real products, prototypes or projects. The space acts as a broker for creativity and innovation.

More than 30 companies have formed the Planet Modulor association. Together they inhabit an 11,000 sq. meter space. Planet Modulor includes work shops for laser cutting, milling, wood, textiles, synthetics and metal; manufacturers of mosaics, wall papers, interior furnishings, audio systems; model making, goldsmith and studios; photographers and labs, a printing business, bookstore, cafés and restaurant as well as a kindergarten on the roof, a youth integration and training centre – just to name a few.

Planet Modulor

Role of partners?
Modulor Material Total together with its sister company Modulor Projekt GmbH initiated the project. Modulor, a material specialist, offers a unique selection of materials such as plastics, rubber, cardboard, paper, wood, cork, metal and textiles. The idea behind Planet Modulor is to expand this offer and align it with the expertise and services of material processing companies and workshops. More than 30 partners have joined the initiative and are now Planet Modulor.
The Senate Department of Economics, Technology and Women’s Issues and the Mayor of the borough Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg have supported the project. The procurement process for the know “Aufbau Haus” building was dedicated to the Planet Modulor concept and creative industries usage. Together with the commitment of a private investor the project could be implemented.

In June 2011 the more than 30 Planet Modulor Partners moved into the space in “Aufbau Haus” building at Berlin-Moritzplatz. The group of companies has set itself up as an association and meets regularly.

Why is it needed?
With its broad and unique offer Planet Modulor triggers the potential for innovation. Within the group of companies new products and services have been designed. New combinations, collaborative projects and creative spillovers emerge from the proximity of the different businesses and initiatives.

There are a number of examples where Planet Modulor members are working together. The architect of the kindergarten is based in the building and member of the association. He designed and produced the interiors with the carpenter and the textile designer in the house. Another example is the audio manufacturer. The company orders material from Modulor, processes it with the laser cutter next door to then assemble the works in the local workshop. The co-workers, urban gardening community, maker labs and various SMEs around Moritzplatz are transforming the urban space into a new ecosystem for people to work and live.

Planet Modulor creates internal synergies for the members and partners as well as a unique offer for the creative community in the city. Together with the partners in the area Planet Modulor builds a network of various opportunities and generates new interest in one of the most economically underdeveloped areas of Berlin.

What are the success factors and challenges?
In the development of the association and network it has been key to promote intermediate roles and facilitate the relationships amongst the various stakeholders in the city, district, neighbourhood and group of companies itself. It is important to meet the businesses, policy makers, investors, stake- and shareholders where their needs are. Thinking the development as a user-driven process and working bottom-up is key.
Modulor Projekt GmbH as a consultancy and spin-off of Planet Modulor and the developments of the Moritzplatz area now professionalizes the know-how gained throughout the project. The company further develops models for interdisciplinary projects and experimental spaces. Other groups of companies as well as investors and policy makers have been approaching the team to advise initiatives for new formats and spaces.

Business name: Planet Modulor
Contact name: Mr. Andreas Krüger
Address: Prinzenstraße 85 D, 10969 Berlin
Telephone: +49 (0)30 612 87 00 0
City: Berlin
Country: Germany
E-mail: krueger(at)
Legal status of Company: Planet Modulor e.V. – association Modulor Projekt GmbH – Ltd.
Number of employees: Planet Modulor e.V. – 3 board members. Modulor Projekt GmbH – 4 employees
Nature of business: Planet Modulor e.V. – group of companies in the fields of merchandising, manual crafts, design, art and culture
Modulor Projekt GmbH – creative consultancy
Name of company collaborating with: Association of more than 30 SMEs
Title of project: Planet Modulor
Dates of activity: From: 01.10.2010
Activity Theme: Brokerage
Project website:

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