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Netzwerk Gründen is a Network of Institutions such as Techcenter, Tech2b, Association Akostart, Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Institut for Entrepreneurship at the Johannes Kepler University, Wirtschaftsservice der Stadt Linz/Creative Community, Softwarepark Hagenberg. All these institutions work together to help start ups in the creative industries with answering any questions they might have, and by solving their problems right from the beginning.

It is most of all a brokerage service of bridge building. This means that everyone in the group knows what the others do and therefore the start ups are quickly being brought in contact with a knowledgeable person who can answer any questions or meet the problems in a very short time and very efficient.
There is also a spatial cross collaboration service as Fab lab, science-park, incubators and the co-working  spaces who help the start ups to get into a network at once and establish the necessary infrastructure.

There is also some form of smart incentive as the start ups are helped and motivated by filling out applications and asking for financial support, for example at the FFG or the AWS. Even the city of Linz has a project where loans are supported in special areas.

Role of partners?
Beside the mentioned institutions there are many more partners that are involved with the project, for example the City of Linz, the Federal State of Upper Austria, the regional-management, Creative Region Linz and Upper Austria, and the TMG. These partners are local partners to the “Start up Network” and help to meet the needs of the start ups in this creative field.

Why is it needed?
The problem was that before this network was properly established everyone only did what he was responsible for and the start ups needed a long time to get good input for a project. This tight connection and efficient working system of Netzwerk supports creative spillovers and helps people to meet the right partners and to get information in an efficient way. With personal connections and a network itself as well as  a possible network to establish for the start ups work and success comes more quickly.

The Co-working Spaces in Linz already exist now in a smaller form in a separate building which is located in the suburbs of the city. It is a small start and should now be extended to be able to give more start ups the possibility of a co-working space. This should take place in the centre of Linz (Humboldtstraße 40) in a building where there is already a creative centre of the Creative Community/City of Linz. Those start ups have the possibility under the guidance and the wings of the Verein Akostart, which is an association between the Centre for Entrepreneurship at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and Johannes Kepler Universität Linz department for Entrepreneurship to start in Co-working Spaces and get full service as well as network.

The possibilities to stay in these Co-working Spaces will be at least 6 months, and in special cases maximum 1 year. Than the start ups should be stable enough to get their ideas into shape and be able to move into the Creative Centre of the Creative Community. In this place they can stay another 3 years with a very low loan, and this is co-financed by City of Linz with 50 % in the first year, 40% in the second year, and 30 % in the third year. So this is a package to start ups to get their ideas forward and be helped with good progress. At the same time they get in touch with those who have already grown and got their ideas further ahead.

What are the success factors and challenges?
The benefit to be felt is that creative potential in Linz is working and visibly present in the city in different parts of the town. These parts are new centres of creative industries that spill over and help influence more fields of industry and creativity. Of course, there are some problems still left, which mean that the connections and the needs for transferring the ideas into reality should be met in teams. Meanwhile it is not so easy to put teams to ideas because in some parts special lists are missing.

In order to improve this, we are planning a workshop in the “Start up Network” to discuss the improvement, the connections and the possibilities of measures and awareness with partners that pay more attention to the creative industries in Linz. The ultimate goal of this is that potential partners in the industry of the start ups come to Linz to get connected and to help develop teams, ideas and creative business in Linz.

Business name: Netzwerk Gründen
Contact name: DI Georg Spiesberger
Address: Hafenstraße 47-51, A-4020 Linz
Telephone: +43 732 9015
City: Linz
Country: Austria
Website: –
Legal status of Company: Arbeitsgemeinschaft (study group)
Number of employees: –
Nature of business: Support for innovative technological + creative start ups
Name of company collaborating with: with the whole network in Linz
Title of project: Netzwerk Gründen
Dates of activity from: 2009 – present
Activity Theme: Brokerage / Spatial Cross-Collaboration

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