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Native Instruments is a leading manufacturer of software and hardware for computer-based audio production and DJing. The company develops innovative, fully-integrated solutions for all musical styles and professions. Since being founded in 1996, Native Instruments opened up the world of real-time sound synthesis on standard computers. Since then, the innovative audio technology has inspired entire genres, and revolutionised the ways people create and perform music. Native Instruments products combine sound quality with sonic possibilities, aesthetic interface design with usability. Native Instruments has become a strong brand that stands for innovative pioneering products that are characterised by high quality. Thus they cover a niche market and have become most popular amongst electronic music lovers. Native Instruments is an innovative company that realises cross collaboration between the different types of departments resp. specialists. Native Instruments is working with schemes that unleash innovation by introducing creative practices in finding ideas and new solutions.

Natives Instruments has developed distinctive forms of bringing specialists from different fields together to create innovative products and services. By seeing itself as a part of a vibrant international music scene, the company is in constant communication with artists whose feedback is integrated into the conception and continuous improvement of its products. Internationally known producers such as producer, DJ and Minus label founder, techno icon Richie Hawtin or musician and singer Jamie Lidell.

Native Instruments

Role of partners?
Native Instruments works with high class professionals from different fields of expertise, amongst those are product design, hardware manufacturing, electrical engineering, software development and interface design.

The product development process is structures around three product lines. A team of technicians, software engineers, developers, designers and marketing specialists collaborates as a team to develop an innovative product or solution. The divisions are arranged around the product lines and not around the professional fields.

The idea creating practice runs through formalised evaluating processes.
Evaluating the feedback by musicians and music producers is another way to constantly keep the products up to date and in convincing quality.

Why is it needed?
With the rise of the club scene electronic music productions became more and more popular and synthesisers sounds experienced an impressive comeback. With its foundation Native Instruments addressed the growing music scene and develop and produces electronic music instruments. Out of their first product GENERATOR the developed a music production software named REAKTOR. The most popular product is TRAKTOR, a music software that virtualises the DJing process.

Today, Native Instruments offers hardware, integrating with the software products that cover the whole realm of modern music creation and performance. This portfolio is organized into three product brands.
The KOMPLETE family comprises an extraordinarily wide range of software instruments and effects, all designed to facilitate professional music production across various styles and genres. The MASCHINE product range has revolutionized digital groove production with its integrated hardware-software concept and uniquely intuitive real-time workflow. Native Instruments is also spearheading the digital DJ revolution with its TRAKTOR product range.

The employees’ teams are structured around those product lines. Within these interdisciplinary teams experts work together to create innovative products and solutions
Employees that have a new idea will send the proposal to a team specialised on evaluating ideas, they test the concept; and in case that it is approved request a concept that works out the details of the product development process. After another evaluation and decision processes the new idea has the chance to get realised and being tested in the market.

What are the success factors and challenges? 
Native Instruments addresses the needs and developments within the music sector. Especially in the field of electronic music it has changed the way how DJs work and also how music is being produced.  By constantly collaborating with creative protagonists and artists that use their products the company ensures a permanent quality standard. The product development process runs in a holistic way and targets usability, utility, function, design and flexibility.

Former challenges included the software piracy problem, being solved by the growing popularity of apple computers and foremost broadening the product range up to hardware products.

Thus Native instruments has become one of the leading companies for music instruments and software enriching Berlins and the global music scene .

Business name: Native Instruments GmbH
Contact name: Tobias Thon
Address: Schlesische Str. 29-30, 10997 Berlin
Telephone: +49-30-611035-1541
City: Berlin
Country: Germany
Legal status of Company: Private Limited Company
Number of employees: More than 300 in Berlin and Los Angeles
Nature of business: leading manufacturer of software and hardware for computer-based audio production and DJing
Name of company collaborating with: Activity Theme Music and Manufacturer + IT
Project website:

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