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What it does – Cross Innovation in which way?
We are involved in projects dealing with interactive surfaces, augmented reality and computer game development.
We develop interactive software and hardware which reacts to human activities (human interactive devices), for example virtual graffiti, head tracking, controlling avatars, etc. People are able to affect projected objects with their presence.

Role of partners?
Partners of our enterprise are our clients, customers and all those who create the demand for our product. As the creator of our business, I act as consultant and implementer.

Why is it needed?
Because most of what we develop is used for marketing activities in companies, the innovative element lies in making interactive and dynamic advertisements.
The innovativeness also lies in using large-scale work spaces which enable the cooperation of numerous people and which can be used, e.g., in managerial meetings, virtual graffiti or in computer games. The gaming or work space can be placed in virtually any indoor environment.

What are the success factors and challenges?
One issue is the fact that we lack customers due to the price of the product. This price is determined by the costs of hardware and developing software – this could change in the event of finding more customers and when we will be able to produce these products in larger amount. All installations are dependent on the surrounding environment; products cannot be used in normal daylight.

Business name: Lukáš Bellada
Contact name: Lukáš Bellada
Address: Mikulášské nám. 21
Telephone: +420 724 92 82 92
City: Pilsen
Country: Czech Republic
Website: –
Legal status of Company: Private entrepreneurship
Number of employees: 4-5 partners, not employees
Nature of business: human interactive devices
Name of company collaborating with: Interactstyle, AV Media, Pilsen 2015
Title of project: –
Dates of activity from: 2009 – present
Activity Theme: Culture-based innovation

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