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Luckywaste sees glass bottles as a perfect material which can be used in many different ways. The key is to keep products simple, clever, practical and purely designed, keeping the essence of the bottle present. Luckywaste allows the shape, colour and specialities of each bottle as well as gravity and natural processes to be a part of creating a final product. The final products are jewellery, interior objects and interactive visual/sound art installations of all sizes.

Role of partners?
Both sale partners and clients are the ones who can benefit from reusing and upcycling glass bottles and who enjoy products which seem to hold something hidden or not visible at first sight. For example, partners could range from companies producing champagne (for making special Czech souvenirs) or beer as well as perfume labels, recycling companies or schools who want to educate their students on recycling.

Why is it needed?
The basis of our concept is recycling something which has been thrown away, working with it and upcycling it into a luxury product. It is needed as opposition to large, unindividualistic companies, against the uniform fashion style of the young population, and helps emphasize the beauty of natural materials and carries an ecological aspect as well. Our concept helps bring original beauty to people’s homes and helps them understand that from the minimum we can create the maximum. It helps people bring out their originality. Our concept offers a path from mass-produced products to original ones and highlights the contrast between the two.

What are the success factors and challenges?
The success lies in a wide range of returning clients in the Czech Republic. A challenge is to bring more and larger partners to understand the essential concept of Luckywaste and accept its ideas for things like company gifts or other businesses applications. Also, a challenge is keeping Luckywaste simple and more effective in sale, production and in communication with others.

Business name: Luckywaste
Contact name: Dagmar Strosova
Address: Jachymovska 802, 36301, Ostrov
Telephone: +420 777201774
City: Pilsen
Country: Czech Republic
Legal status of Company: Private entrepreneur
Number of employees: –
Nature of business: Upcycling glass bottles into jewellery, interior objects and art installations
Name of company collaborating with: Bery Designer, Pa3
Title of project: Luckywaste
Dates of activity from:
Activity Theme: Culture-Based Innovation

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