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Libero Sp. z o.o. encourages the establishment of cooperation in the field of purchasing sawdust. Discussion of the main terms of cooperation is included in a specially-created tab in the website. In the case of questions or doubts a hyperlink may be used to redirect to a subsite that includes contact details. Using such a link makes it much easier for the user to retrieve information of interest to them at any given moment.

The priority for the actions taken was to develop the image of the company in order to enhance its popularity on the market and promote it better on the web. Internet users’ interest was to be attracted by focusing on the benefits of using pellets, and its environment-friendly aspects. Moreover, a friendly layout for the website, in shades of green, positively influences the perception of the company.

The company opens up to all types of cooperation, ranging from individual clients to large heat-distribution enterprises. The pursued business strategy is characterised by a high degree of business culture, which has been suggested on the portal.


The role of partners?
The cooperation of a pellets producer and website designers focused on developing the best reputation for the product presented. The designed portal required a specific structure and plan to be developed. Zstudio is a company that implements effective promotions, and takes care of the functionality and effectiveness of the created websites. It has been operating in the industry for ten years, and therefore has the appropriate experience and qualifications.

Why is the project needed?
The project was necessary to acquire a new group of clients. Renewable energy sources, obtained directly from biomass, are still not very popular products. It is commonly known that fossil deposits and other products of this type will have to be eliminated over time due to the shortage of resources. The central idea in the creation of the website was to raise awareness of the usefulness of the manufactured product, as well as to acquire new trading partners that may include foreign clients, heat distribution companies, households, municipal services departments and public-utility facilities.

It may be stated that the enterprise helps to a great extent to propagate the creativity phenomenon. The agency has created a pioneer quality for the company which has a very specific proposition. Creativity is in this case the result that constitutes an excellent pattern to follow for entities conducting a similar kind of activity.

Why is the project innovative?
The project is innovative because it develops a brand in the industry on the basis of benefits of using biofuels. Moreover, it presents all the important aspects explicitly and clearly, and allows easy and quick navigation between the tabs.

What are the challenges and factors that ensure success?
What advantages has it created?
The project was necessary to build the image of the company. Primarily, the focus was on benefits related to using pellets in heating systems and showing all the economic values of this biofuel. The information and statistics included in the portal are intended to draw the attention of potential clients and persuade them to purchase the product.

What could be done differently?
The created website is extensive and includes all information that is necessary from the point of view of the potential client. Therefore, there are no reservations regarding areas that could be developed differently. However, better positioning should be ensured, because it does not show up in the browser among the first search results.
There are no reasons for the project to be radically modified. However, it is worth ensuring better positioning for the website regarding searching on Google, which has already been mentioned.

Company name: Libero Sp. z o.o.
Contact details: Agnieszka Piątkowska
Address: al. Komisji Edukacji Narodowej 48 lok. 56, 02-797 Warsaw
Phone: +48 23 657 90 26 (trade office)
City: Warsaw
Country: Poland
E-mail: libero.fhu[at]
Company legal status: Limited-Liability Company
Number of persons employed: 40
Industry: Power engineering
Name of co-operating company: Zstudio
Project name: The creation of a website
Project dates from: April 2012 – May 2012 (website now developped)
Project Theme: Culture-based Innovation
Project website:


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