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LEADING LIGHT  is a model of bridge building between different activities: design, production, materials, communication.

Role of partners?
The partnership with Nigel Coates started in 2006 when he was Head of Architecture at the Royal College of Art in London. While SLAMP, which was established in 1994, has always been strongly oriented towards design, collaboration with Coates has spurred its activity. In recent years the company has become a fast growing, export-oriented initiative, opening new markets. It has collected important design prizes and has grown steadily in terms of turnover.

The role of the partnership has been to reinvent the design of the company. SLAMP has translated Coates’ inspirations into actual production. Furthermore, SLAMP has fostered the development of a creative staff composed of young people from the Rome area.

Why is it needed?

SLAMP is an innovative company in that it addresses two crucial questions related to the metropolitan area of Rome.

The first is the ‘external’ view. SLAMP’s policy has been to look abroad to develop a partnership with a major designer, import his ideas into its production, and conquer new markets, thus broadening the horizon of its activity.

Secondly, SLAMP is investing strongly in the education of a new creative class by setting up an office comprised of young designers and communicators. Therefore SLAMP is in itself a model for breaking ‘silo thinking’ in that it has grown out of the interaction of different ‘cultures’: design, industrial production, and communication. It helps to create and support spillovers by educating a class of young designers.

The innovative element of SLAMP is the mix of different cultures at its very roots.

What are the success factors and challenges?
SLAMP has developed into a company with a far greater international business vision.
Thanks to this new capacity, SLAMP has achieved economic, aesthetic and cultural benefits.
Our goal is to maintain and improve a permanent innovation model for developing products and processes, and to increase synergy with other designers while keeping focused on SLAMP’s identity and values.

Business name: SLAMP
Contact name: Roberto Ziliani
Address: Via Tre Cannelle, 3 – 00040
Telephone:  Tel +39 06 9162391 – Fax +39 06 91623933
City: Pomezia (Rome)
Country: Italy
Legal status of Company: Incorporated
Number of employees: 35
Nature of business: Design and production of lamps
Name of company collaborating with: NIGEL COATES STUDIO
Nigel Coates, former Head of Architecture at the Royal College of Art in London, is currently SLAMP’s Art Director.
Title of project: LEADING LIGHT
Date of activity: 2006 – present
Activity Theme: Culture-based innovation

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