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This innovation is the outcome of a cooperation between an advertisement agency and a bakery. A few ‘hippies’ were handing out cookies at the beach of San Francisco, not to make people less hungry but to spread their philosophy: “Spread the love, man”. Two men working at an advertisement agency got the recipe and started a cooperation with one of the best Dutch bakeries to produce these cookies and ‘spread the love’. Currently they are working on new products such as wine and books.

Role of partners?
The two employees of the advertisement company got the idea and the bakery was able to develop new combinations of flavours.

Why is it innovative?
The cookies are produced and packaged in a sustainable way, they put QR-codes on the package, and position a simple cookie as kind of lifestyle.

What are the success factors and challenges?
The innovators didn’t apply a very formal innovation process. They predominantly followed their heart, they relied on their ambition, enthusiasm and intuition, and they ‘spread the love’…… They deliberately didn’t use standard methods of market research and innovation processes because they feared that it would stop special initiatives.

Business name: John Altman Cookies
Contact name: –
Address: –
Telephone: +31 (0)20 – 3306464
City: Amsterdam
Country: The Netherlands
Legal status of Company Private Limited Company
Number of employees ?
Nature of business Food industry
Name of company collaborating with: Gummo and Strien, united in Baker Beach Cookies
Title of project  John Altman Cookies
Dates of activity from:  –
Activity Theme: Culture-Based Innovation

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