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Higher Education Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (HE-STEM) topics are traditionally poorly understood, particularly by pre-University undergraduate candidates (teens, aged between 14-18 years).  The purpose of the HE-STEM multi-touch table is to introduce these topics, examine potential career paths and explore a day-in-the-life of real-world advocates who successfully pursued a career in HE-STEM.

The project attempts to influence the core teen audience and their parents/adult-representatives through the presentation of information, real-life experiences and question & answer video recordings that relate directly to the concerns and anxieties of pre-University candidates.

Role of partners?
The University of Birmingham – Project owners and key stakeholder
Junction Media – Responsible for content production (video, script, copy)
National Space Centre – Exhibition partners, ultimate owners of the multi-touch table

Why is it needed?
The HE-STEM table is an innovative means of exploring and discovering information relating to all aspects of HE-STEM study and careers. Through the use of a 50-inch multi-touch interactive interface, users can explore subjects, courses, universities and career options, as well as view and listen to the anecdotes of real-world HE-STEM professionals.

The interface has been specifically designed for multiple users, thereby encouraging sharing of information and fostering discussion about the various courses, subjects, advocates and so on. Users can also elect to receive a “take-home info pack” email sent directly from the table to their personal email account.

What are the success factors and challenges?
The aim of the HE-STEM multi-touch table is to improve the understanding of the realities, requirements and career potential of HE-STEM subjects.

Additional developments to improve or modify could include interactive communication with users’ mobile devices; enhanced sharing of content within the table; interactive physical tokens (e.g. placing a token on the glass triggers functionality within the table); enhanced “take-home info pack” to allow the user to create a shopping basket of video, audio, transcripts and web links that is emailed to them for follow-up reading off-site/at home.

Business name: Clusta Ltd
Contact name: Christopher Harkin
Address: Third Floor, Threeways House, 40-44 Clipstone Street, London, W1W5DW
Telephone: +44(0) 203 195 1550
City: London and Birmingham
Country: United Kingdom
E-mail: Chris.harkin(at)
Legal status of Company: Private Limited Company/Sole Trader
Number of employees: 24
Nature of business: Interactive Agency
Name of company collaborating with: University of Birmingham
Junction Media Ltd.
National Space Centre
Title of project: HE-STEM Interactive Multi-Touch Table
Dates of activity: January 2012 – present
Activity Theme: Culture-Based Innovation / Education
Project website:

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