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AcidolacPolpharma is a cooperation of a pharmaceutical company with designers. In 2011 the company was regarded as the most innovative Polish company by the Institute of Economic Studies of the Polish Science Academy.

What does it deal with- how will the innovations permeate?

1. Intelligent incentives – finance
A medicine supporting the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract for infants is not a popular medicine.  With medication used for children, apart from the medical aspects, the way of communicating with customers needs to be of particular relevance. A product introduced to the market needs properly adjusted marketing communications, of which designing proper packaging is an indispensable element. A coherent marketing message and well-designed packaging that translates into the image of the company as ‘warm’, translates more or less indirectly into good company financial results.

2. Culture-based innovations – spreading new ideas to other sectors
In the implementation of this project, an important element was to create positive connotations with the consumer environment.  Due to the specific nature of the medicine, there was certain social resistance with regard to using it in everyday practice. Public opinion involves concern regarding the excessive administration of medication to infants. The company’s task was to develop a packaging that would overcome cultural barriers and encourage consumer decisions to be made that are positive for the product.

The role of partners?
For the enterprise to be successful, efficient communication between the partners was necessary. The Contracting Party was obliged to convey the idea for the project in a precise way. In turn, the Contractor was obliged to reproduce the client’s needs accurately in the form of the final product.  When introducing a new medicine onto the market, it is necessary to communicate with the environment very carefully and precisely. Therefore, the aspect of communication at the level of the partners constituted the key to success.  The Contractor for the project, while carrying out the task, also had to systematically communicate any doubts that could contribute to the loss of quality of the final work.

Why is the project needed?
The project in a closer business perspective was necessary to introduce the new product onto the market. In a broader context, it contributed to strengthening the position of a new segment in the market as well as to fixing a given category of medications in consumer awareness. The implementation of the project had a broader effect on the environment because one of the assumptions was to change consumer attitudes and therefore directly influence the cultural sphere of society with regard to using remedies for small children.

The project was creative because introducing and preparing a new market product requires not only the appropriate knowledge, but also the vision and anticipation of social behaviour.  The positive introduction of the product constitutes an example and inspiration for implementing similar projects.

The marketed product is innovative and in accordance with the Oslo Manual definition it is distinguished by product innovation, but also by marketing innovation. The marketing innovation in this case consisted of using professional design tools that were to contribute to the effective and positive introduction of the new product onto the market.

What are the challenges and factors that ensure success?
The project has primarily created a certain knowledge base and paved the way with regard to new projects. Both the Contractor and the Contracting Party gained experience due to the project. After the implementation of each project, certain experience is created that makes the implementation of subsequent undertakings shorter and easier to execute.

Certainly the system for communication between the partners could be improved, as well as the specifying of expectations by the Contracting Party. It is natural that the parties understand ideas differently and therefore perceive final expectations in a different way.

In order to implement similar projects more efficiently, at the very beginning of project implementation clear procedures for communication can be implemented and a detailed schedule of work defined. However, such an approach is difficult due to the fact that the project constituted part of a bigger enterprise and therefore not all actions depended on the Contractors. The basis of success is certainly good communication and flexibility of work that translates into final success.

Company name: Polpharma Biuro Handlowe Sp. z o.o. (Polpharma Trading Bureau Ltd)
Address ul.: Bobrowiecka 6 00-728 Warsaw
Phone: +48 (0) 22 364 61 00
City: Warsaw
Country: Poland
E-mail: bdinfo(at)
Company legal status: Limited-Liability Company
Number of persons employed: N/A
Industry: Biotechnology
Name of co-operating company: Huddleston Associates
Project name: Zaprojektowanie opakowania Acidolac Baby (Designing the packaging for Acidolac Baby)
Project dates: From 2009 to 2010
Project scope: Preparing a graphic design and packaging for the medication.

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