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Inspired by the Fluxus Movement dating back to the 1960s and its originator, Lithuanian-born American artist Jurgis (George) Mačiūnas, two hundred Lithuanian artists established the Fluxus Ministry in the grungy building of the former Ministry of Health in a major street of Vilnius, Gedimino Avenue.

The Fluxus Ministry Project took place in Vilnius from April 2010 till November 2011 and hosted around one thousand artistic events. In 2012 the concept of “Fluxus Ministry” was transferred to Kaunas, the second largest city of Lithuania, where the Fluxus Ministry was opened on the old premises of the shoe making factory Lituanica. The Ministry will stay in Kaunas for one and a half year. The Fluxus Ministry initiative features a cross innovation by creating a platform for interaction of artistic ideas and urban planning. It also creates a temporal centre of attraction for citizens thus influencing cultural and social landscape of the city.
At the same time there is no official organisation structure established for running the Fluxus Ministry. The initiative is purely voluntary and artists’ consciousness-based.

Role of partners?
Initiated by Vilnius City Mayor, the private real-estate owners of Vilnius and Kaunas provide temporal space for artistic activities of the Fluxus Ministry. The space rent is fee free. Artists have to cover the costs of the utilities. The Municipal governments provide support to particular artistic projects.

Why is it needed?
Because the Fluxus Ministry fosters urban development and inspires artistic and social interaction.

What are the success factors and challenges?
Benevolence of real estate owners and city government is an important success factor. Ambition to adapt and to use desolate premises for artistic purposes is challenging as it is not institutionalised and is of a temporary character.

Business name: Fluxus Minstry
Contact name: Karolis Rakauskas
Address: Jonavos g. 3
Telephone: +370 687 52540
City: Kaunas
Country: Lithuania
E-mail: info[at]
Legal status of Company: –
Number of employees: 15
Nature of business: Coordination of the Fluxus Ministry initiative
Name of company collaborating with: Real estate company Baltishes Haus, Municipalities of Vilnius and Kaunas, Public Institution AZZARA.
Title of project: Fluxus Ministry
Dates of activity from: April 2010 – present
Activity Theme: Spatial Cross-Collaboration, Brokerage


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