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 EU1 TV EU1 TV is a Film and TV online platform with a difference: driven by the Talent community where Makers (directors, producers, actors, scriptwriters) exhibit or broadcast their work directly via the EU1 TV Platform (non-linear, both online and on demand cable TV) in various ways to choose, paid for or free of charge. They can seek support for new projects (development, pre-production or production) through alternative funding models such as sponsoring and crowd funding.

Within the next few years Makers, together with the public, will build this channel. Because of the corporate backing of and partnership with UPC and Ziggo, the biggest cable operators in the Netherlands, EU1 has the potential to reach millions of digital households (> 10 million EU wide). As sponsors/endorsers, UPC and Ziggo will offer EU1 content via their digital TV channel, straight to their clients. In various select cases they can also participate in innovative (online or digital TV) premieres and other marketing opportunities. In a way EU1 builds its own eco-system in which makers, viewers, brands and all involved.

Role of partners?
EU1 cooperates closely with:
–    TTY Internet Solutions: Tech partner
–    Rights Stuff: Media Rights & Content Acquisition/Distribution
–    UPC: content offered via digital TV channels directly to millions EU households.

Why is it needed?
EU1 gives Makers creative freedom. Because of the active involvement of brands, investors and other stakeholders, Makers can arrange their own funding and backing for the content of their projects. Only Makers with a ‘proven track record’ will be allowed to upload their content directly to the platform. A safe haven for Makers will be created; a place where they are among peers, both ‘arrived’ stars as new talent. EU1 wants to proof that the envisioned model increases the quality of content but will also generate more content while attracting the best content makers.

EU1 has three key branches of activity:

1.    Pitching/crowd funding
EU1 focuses solely on audiovisual content and it is possible for most countries in the world to donate. This gives a clear-targeted message to both public and maker.
2.    Content
EU1 curates and collects a volume of the best Dutch films in one place (rights-dependent) and later similarly tailored per European country. It should be possible for the Dutch (and European) audience(s) to watch their film heritage anytime and anywhere they want. and to help pass on this legacy to their children.
3.    Brands
Film and television Makers are our true storytellers. They make and tell stories day and night, for any possible audience.  Brands (try to) do the same, but in a different way. They tell stories to their target audience and hope they hook on and associate the story with their own brand values. The traditional way of advertising is losing its impact and Brands are looking for both new ways of storytelling and alternative ways of distributing their stories. They are also looking for alternative ways of engaging viewers to associate stories with their Brand message, perhaps more subtly and less “in your face” these days than the earlier days ‘sponsorship’ or ‘product placement’ models. So…why not connect Brands and Makers directly to each other and let them tell their stories together?

What are the success factors and challenges?
EU1 is endorsed by several Makers Associations in NL, UK, Belgium and Germany and specifically is welcomed by EU Commissioner mrs Neelie Kroes: “Artists take control in NL, w new content patform = Control for creators, choice for viewers. Real cultural enterprise!” – Neelie Kroes‏@NeelieKroesEU, Twitter February 17th, 2012.
The main objective of EU1 is to create a pan-European platform to pitch, fund, produce distribute and watch audiovisual material. It will bring together the creative industry, viewers, financers and distributers across Europe through different distributing channels. The multi-linguistic platform will enable makers to control the distribution of their own content.

Business name:
Contact name: Marko van Kampen
Address: Kerkstraat 344, 1017JA  Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Telephone : +31 20 535 7500
City: Amsterdam
Country: Netherlands
Legal status of Company: Private Limited Company
Number of employees: 4
Nature of business: Distributions of content
Name of company collaborating with: Ziggo, UPC, Pathe cinema, producers, TTY
Title of project:
Dates of activity: –
Activity Theme:  Smart incentives- finance, Culture based innovation
Project website:


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