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In two years of activity, EnLabs has developed an ecosystem involving startups, universities, corporations, mentors and advisors, entrepreneurs, business angels, and venture capital companies. This ecosystem allows EnLabs and participating startups to create a strong network of relationships and improve business. EnLabs periodically organizes events such as Investor Day, Startuppiamo?, and participates in others, including Codemotion, Innovaction Lab, TechCrunch, and StartUp Weekend, in which it interacts with the major players in the industry.

Role of partners?
Each of EnLabs’ partners provides different skills and resources:

  •  InnovAction Lab offers potential entrepreneurs the skills to pitch to investors. Some of the InnovAction Lab startups have participated in the accelerator program.
  •   Zernike Meta Ventures, together with EnLabs, provides financial resources to the startups that participated in the accelerator program.
  •   Wadi Ventures helps EnLabs discover Israeli startups
  •   Microsoft Bizpark provides software and tools to the startups participating in the accelerator program.
  •   Investment funds like Connect Ventures, Fi.La.S, are interested in investing in the startups participating in the accelerator program.

Why is it needed?
EnLabs aims to consolidate an ecosystem of collaborative learning through contact with others and to maintain the proper development of an entrepreneurial project. EnLabs’ innovation lies in the creation of an open environment that supports sharing and dialogue among startups, entrepreneurs, universities, and industry through events, training, and meetings. In addition, EnLabs aims to stand as a centre for entrepreneurship at the international level with consequent benefits in terms of employment.

What are the success factors and challenges?
One success factor is the functioning of the entire ecosystem: it is essential that each partner contribute in a dynamic way to the development of relationships with new partners.
Another success factor is EnLabs model:

  •   Location: physical ecosystem with new spaces to accommodate 100 / 150 startups per year;
  •   Skills: mentorship & advising and strong business networking
  •   Micro seed financing

The primary objective of EnLabs is to become a center of entrepreneurship recognized at the international level.

Business name: Enlabs
Contact name: Luigi Capello
Address: Via Montebello, 8 – 00185 Rome
Telephone: +39 06 45473124
City: Rome
Country: Italy
E-mail: info(at)
Legal status of Company: Srl
Number of employees: 4
Nature of business: Venture Capital (seed financing)
Name of company collaborating with:    MetaGroup, Zernike Meta Ventures, Connect Ventures, Fi.La.S., AnnaPurna Ventures, Microsoft Bizpark, Università LUISS Guido Carli, Italian Angels for Growth, Wadi Ventures. Events including Codemotion, InnovAction Lab, CleanWeb Hackathon Rome, Startup Weekend.
Title of project: Accelerator Program
Date of activity: November 2010 – present
Activity Theme: Spatial Cross-Collaboration + Brokerage

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