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aws developed on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth at national level a creative voucher system. This was designed to bridge the cooperation between the creative sector and companies from other industry sectors, inducing as such cross-innovation.

A particularity of the voucher is that it enables companies from other countries to participate as well. The Austrian Kreativscheck was launched on 11.2.2013 and led to an explosive demand, showing clearly that the initial plan for 300 creative vouchers worth EUR 5.000 each was insufficient. After 9 days, the minister doubled the budget to EUR 3 Mio. More than 930 applications were received within less than 1 month. Creative Region was the “Austrian champion”, bringing the highest number of vouchers in Upper Austria.

The success is demonstrated by the sustainability of the policy, as the creative voucher system launched in 2013 was continued in 2014 and it is also planned for implementation in 2015, leading to a new wave of innovative solutions through creativity. For Creative Region this demonstrates that the networking abilities of regional stakeholders are a key success factor.

Business name: Creative / Kreativscheck

Country: Austria

City: Vienna

Start date: 2013

End Date: ongoing

Name: Christina Koch

Organisation: aws (Austria wirtschaftsservice) gmbh








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