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Creaticity promotes encounters between the business and creative communities in the Province of Rome, with the aim of making the productive environment here more competitive. By encouraging business innovation and valorising creative production, Creaticity has stimulated the conceptualization of new products in the education and entertainment sectors.

Creaticity was born out of a 2011 study that highlighted the priorities of the Province of Rome’s creative sector: educational opportunities and for the creative business community to meet, and qualified human and financial resources for the development of new businesses.
Thus in 2012, within the context of Creaticity, the following initiatives were launched:

  • “Aperattivi”: a series of formative-interactive encounters followed by time for networking, in which the formative content regarding communication, leadership, stress management, etc. is cast in metaphors from the arts, such as tango, jazz, mask making, cooking, etc., all with the active participation of the public.
  • “Creaticity pitching”: gatherings to present start-ups, with knockout competitions and the reading of short passages that evoke business themes.

Role of partners?
Our partner institutions co-financed Informale’s initiatives, our business partners contributed to the implementation of the projects, and our association partners promoted our initiatives, thus nurturing the participating business community.

Why is it needed?
Informale helps resolve the lack of venues and formats dedicated to the promotion of business culture, thanks to the exposure it offers to the arts and the creative community of the Province. A further innovation is its collaboration with various for- and non-profit profit entities in the design and planning of events, which helps to overcome the phenomenon of “silo thinking.” It also makes available to the Province a space for “research and development” – for new types of activities and encounters that promote the business and creative cultures, furthering even more the breakdown of “silo thinking” between these two worlds.

Informale also makes available a space and sponsors events that facilitate the meeting and interaction of the business and creative communities, and generates innovative formats in which the business culture can merge with the arts.

What are the success factors and challenges?
The success factors are originality of content, interaction with the public during events, and the very recognition of the need for the business and arts communities to meet, learn, and create together.

Business name: Associazione Informale
Contact name: Gabriele Valli
Address: Via dei Cerchi, 75
Telephone: +39 3356421782
City: Rome
Country: Italy
Legal status of Company: Association
Number of employees: 1
Nature of business: Associazione Informale promotes entrepreneurial culture and its values: responsibility, flexibility, and merit, both in the working world and more generally in our society.
Informale proposes a range of encounters designed to “contaminate” business values with the arts, including the visual, plastic, and performing arts, cinema, and literature.
Informale supports the growth of small new businesses by promoting start-ups in every sector.
Name of company collaborating with: Informale collaborates with institutions (e.g. the Rome Chamber of Commerce, the Province of Rome), businesses (e.g. Zivago srl, Katalys srl), and associations (e.g. CNA Lazio, Concretamente, Ricrea, Ferpi, Rena, Founder Institute, and Indigeni Digitali).
Title of project: Creaticity
Date of activity: 2008 – present
Activity Theme: Culture based innovation + Brokerage services
Promotion and valorisation of the Roman creative business community through research and study, experiential education, networking events, conferences, pitching, and fund raising.

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