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CoWork’s package is addressed to everyone seeking an alternative to the traditional office. CoWork provides its clients with unlimited Internet access as well as with the possibility of working in an Open Space system.  Further, it gives a virtual address that may be used to register one’s company. It also provides reception support service, training and conference rooms, and an open bar, as well as the so-called Chillout Zone, where it is possible to relax, talk to other coworkers, watch TV or play computer games.

The whole office package is presented in a transparent and clear way on the website. The tab “Galeria” (gallery) includes photos of particular rooms, so that a potential client may determine whether the proposal also suits them as far as the equipment and interior design are concerned.

The nature of CoWork’s activity which is aimed at adjusting to the client’s needs as much as possible. The characteristics of co-working activity include in its concept the idea of the interpenetration of knowledge and ideas. One of the assumptions of the project was to present the co-working environment as a creative setting for business.

The company encourages enterprises in different industries to cooperate. It provides its clients with access to a range of services related to the organisation of workspace. Coworking activity naturally stimulates networking and establishing business relationships.

Cowork Polska

What is the role of partners?
The website designers Enysoft, who participated in the project, are characterized by having an individual approach to each commission and not based on any set patterns. They proposed the best and the most advantageous solution in their opinion in terms of revenue. Their priority was obtaining customer satisfaction and the guarantee of high quality.

Why is the project innovative?
The innovation of the project will lie in the possibility of booking conference rooms via the Internet. This functionality will certainly facilitate the system of booking conference rooms in advance, as well as will take the pleasure off the employee who handled it so far. The very concept of co-working is innovative on a national scale. Even though in Western European countries the idea of this activity is fairly well spread, it is still a niche activity in Poland.

The website strengthens the image of the CoWork brand as a creative place, which translates into new users and thereby into a greater flow of ideas between the partners and users of the CoWork office.

How could the project be transformed or improved?
The prices for providing the company’s office and Internet address have been defined in the offer. However, the website lacks information regarding the price for renting a conference room which may be booked via the Internet. Moreover, a system for opinions and feedback could be added to the project.

Company name: CoWork Polska S.A.
Contact details: Adam Czyżewicz – Office Manager
Address: Plac Trzech Krzyży 16, 00-499 Warszawa
Phone: +22 240 08 02
City: Warsaw
Country: Poland
E-mail: cowork[at]
Company legal status: Joint-stock company
Number of persons employed: 1
Industry: Social sector
Name of co-operating company: Enysoft
Project name: The creation of company website
Project dates: Implementation period: April 2011, the project was implemented within four days.
Project scope: Creating a website, CMS
Project website: 

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