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Club Consult is a project initiated by the Clubcommission Berlin – the association of Berlin’s club, party and event organisers. The project provides consultancy for the management of clubs and event locations in Berlin with a focus on sustainability. It brings together experts from the club sector with experts from technical sectors such as planners, architects, technical inspection companies, legal and business consultancies.

The project creates a support network for sustainable solutions regarding energy efficiency, finance, administrative and legal advice, noise emission, fire safety and the like. In this way it acts as a broker bridging the gap between the culture-based music sector and traditional construction and technical support services.

Club ConsultRole of partners?
Club Consult is a project run by the Clubcommission Berlin. The ‘Initiative für Musik’ and the ‘Projekt Zukunft – Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research’ fund the project.

Club Consult identifies the needs of the companies in the sector. It ties together common interests of club and event organisers and provides workshops, round tables or individual advice sessions all addressing issues regarding the management and sustainability of the businesses.

Club Consult has contracted with a number of companies that are offering services from acoustics and noise emission, sustainable energy concepts, fire safety and air condition, new technologies and software as well as finance, legal and administrative services. In open surgeries the experts give presentations and consultancy. As another benefit Clubcommission members get a discount for the services of those companies.

Why is it needed?
Music, events and entertainment are energy intensive industries. The production, distribution and performances require high levels of lightning, air-condition, sound and cooling systems. Carbon emissions are also high. Projects like the Green Music Initiative demonstrate that the average club consumes as much energy as forty three-person households. Club Consult is aiming at reducing the carbon footprint of the industry.
SMEs of the industry are also faced with adjustments they need to make within the urban environment. They have to deal with the surrounding neighbourhoods, residents, the actual state of a location, safety requirements and event organisation.

Club Consult organised a survey to identify the company’s needs. The results showed that there is a need for businesses of the industry to professionalize some of their structures and increase efficiency. Fragmented structures, small independent businesses and individual artists characterize large parts of the sector. Some of the inefficiencies in the sector are difficult to be addressed within those small firm environments. As a first step it was therefore important to create awareness for the issue.

More than that Club Consult demonstrates the benefits and opportunities to safe costs with applying sustainable solutions in the sector. Investing in systems that are environmentally friendly doesn’t have to be more expensive. The application of new technologies for example can often help saving costs by being more efficient.

With their initiatives Club Consult aim at creating conditions that will enable Berlin’s vibrant club and music scene to sustain over the long term.

What are the success factors and challenges?
Club Consult takes on an intermediate role and facilitates some of the relationships between the sector and the technical support services and consultants. It creates awareness and helps defining a common understanding of the issue of sustainability.

One of the key challenges in this process is the motivation of the businesses and staff. Club Consult approaches the businesses and the businesses themselves then need to spread the issue across the whole company. It often is a long-term process to motivate colleagues and staff to adapt new rules and topics. Examples show that it is important to carefully facilitate and manage this step to achieve benefits and sustainability in the business.

Company examples show the variety of benefits emerging for the SMEs. One club optimised their sound systems working together with the acoustics engineers. The engineers helped with sound level measurements and adjusted frequency controls to protect neighbours from sound emissions. The club can now remain in the mostly residential area it is located in.

Another example shows how a technical inspection company advised on the refurbishment and location development of a listed heritage building. The engineers consulted the management with a concept for the usage of the building, the building materials, fire protection certificates and with the building application.

Both SMEs benefited from the support of Club Consult and the contacts the project facilitated. They saved costs profiting from the discount with the contracted consultancies and could develop solutions that help sustain their business.
Club Consult is aiming at establishing the project as an agency after the three-year funded project period.

Business name: Berlin Clubcommission – Project Club Consult
Contact name: Ms. Carolin Zwick
Address: Brückenstraße 1, 10179 Berlin
Telephone: +49 (0)30 27 57 66 99
City: Berlin
Country: Germany
E-mail: cz(at)
Legal status of Company: Clubcommission Berlin – Verband der Berliner Club-, Party-
und Kulturereignisveranstalter e.V. (Association)
Number of employees: 4 employees in the Club consult project
Nature of business: Consultancy for club culture and sustainability
Name of company collaborating with: Club and event organisers collaborate with:
– Clubplaner
– Akustikbüro Rahe-Kraft GmbH
– Dipl.Ing. Franco Dubbers, SDU Architekten
– Naturstrom
– Dipl. Phys. Ing. Werner Wiartalla, Ufa Fabrik Berlin
– Technische Prüfgesellschaft mbH
– Delta I Ingenieurgesellschaft mbHOrderbird AG
– Netzel & Kuznicki – Energie, Umwelt u. Planung GmbH
– Michael Schmidt, Leiter der Rechtsabteilung der Clubcommission
– ALBA Abfallentsorgung
Title of project: Club Consult
Dates of activity from: 1 February 2011
Activity Theme: Brokerage
Project website:

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