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Taking into account the situation of depression in business activity in certain areas of the city of Lisbon, this Micro-entrepreneurship project aims to create spaces for service / information in affected neighbourhoods by facilitating and strengthening micro-businesses and creating jobs, creating opportunities for enterprising people with the greatest difficulty in accessing bank credit through an online microcredit offered through a partnership. This project will also facilitate the clearing of channels in the area of municipal licensing and will be associated with the exemption of municipal taxes in the first year of business.

Role of partners?
António Sérgio Cooperative Social Economy (CASES) – cooperative and responsible for a microcredit project supported by public financing with very favourable terms.
Union of Associations of Trade and Services (UACs) – an entity that provides services to its merchant partners, including support in accounting and legal matters and is developing projects to encourage commercial activity, including a business incubator.
Parish of St. disputable – authority and administratively responsible for a territory to be operated upon by the project and had made available space for its operation.
Project “Ai Mouraria” – responsible for design and social dynamics of a territory to be operated upon by the project and had made available space for its operation

Why is it needed?
This project aims on the one hand to combat unemployment through self-employment and the possible creation of jobs. On the other hand it aims to boost small businesses in the area of trade in areas of the city whose commercial activity has diminished. This project will give the city of Lisbon with its commercial activity more balanced between areas of greatest demand, whether tourist or customers with greater financial capacity, and more traditional areas of trade and less sophisticated industry.

This initiative is in an innovative way to facilitate the entrepreneurship of an audience that has no access to development strategies of economic activity, such as niche companies, incubators, technical advice or bank financing.

What are the success factors and challenges?
The process brings benefits in creating jobs, developing business activities with a higher probability of success and ability to financially support the projects through more favourable terms, bringing the city a more dynamic commercial activity important to the local economy and national.

It is intended to advance to more areas of the city through other points of service and develop a new partnership with a competent authority, for example the School of Commerce in Lisbon, for a more exhaustive monitoring of business plans and even arrange biannual training plans for employees who are in attendance areas of care.

Business name: C.M.Lisbon (DMEI)
Contact name: Catarina Marcelino
Address: –
Telephone: + 351 21 7989596
City: –
Country: –
E-mail: catarina.marcelino(at)
Website: –
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Title of project: C.M. Lisbon (DMEI)
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Activity Theme: Smart Incentives

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