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Bery Designer’s basis for its style and vision is the mutual combination, transformation and variability of individual pieces of clothing.

Using otherwise incompatible materials and colour combinations must create tension and be provocative; clothing must be able to make someone laugh, to transform the wearer, while remaining wearable and highly elegant.
The basis for production is the use of luxurious natural materials. Creation of tailor-made products requires looking for the essence of each individual, highlights individuality and distinction with the help of clothing, and helps in finding a new style and forgetting traditional conventions and biases. It is about teaching the customer to love their body without plastic surgery or other operations.

The foundation of everything is colour and creation by mixing everything. For example, Bery Designer uses its own original yarn for finishing touches, combines unique colours from various fibres and weaves unique accessories for a given pattern or model. Bery Designer is planning to eventually print its own materials so as not to be limited by the present selection on the market.
Bery Designer works with design and creation of complete outfits and accessories including shoe design.
Bery Designer divides her work into two elements. The first element is the artistic concept (presentation of herself, creation of signature collections) and the second element is custom-made production presenting not only herself but the needs of a given person/customer. People thus become walking objects that represent the energy of the creator without needing to exhibit the final product in a gallery.

Role of partners?
Bery Designer creates the basis of clothing, designs buttons which are then manufactured by an artistic smith and also designs jewellery which is then produced by a specialist. Bery Designer also designs purses, selects leathers and has them sewn by specialists. Bery Designer cooperates with other similarly focused designers, e.g. Luckywaste, and attempts to find synergy, paths and shared organisation of art markets, etc.
Other partners are included in creating posters and design connected with the project itself.

Why is it needed?
Bery Designer is one of the pioneers in the field of cultural and creative industries in Pilsen and the Pilsen Region, and strives to break the rigid structures of behaviour, engagement, and thinking. Bery Designer shows that it is possible to make a living with such activities even in the Czech Republic.
According to the designer Eva Beránková, her clothing, jewelry and purses are important for people who are overloaded with the culture of consumption and off-the-rack clothing. In her own words, Bery Designer changes people’s lives; there are around 20-30 people who would say their lives completely changes by wearing her things, and learned to love themselves just the way they are. Beránková: “You can teach a person to find themselves and to overcome their complexes. When people come to me, they want to change something; to change their old and established systems.”

The innovativeness lies in supporting the individuality of each person.

What are the success factors and challenges?
Improvements could be made in the support of culture and creative industries in the Czech Republic, in limiting bureaucracy, decreasing support for “brick-and-mortar” institutions and heightening awareness of CCI for society as a whole.

Business name: Eva Beránková – Bery Designer
Contact name: Eva Beránková
Address: Smetanova 539
Telephone: +420 777 95 32 32
City: Štáhlavy
Country: Czech republic
Legal status of Company: Private entrepreneur – self-employed
Number of employees: –
Nature of business: Fashion Designer
Name of company collaborating with: Luckywaste
Title of project:  Eva Beránková – Bery Designer
Dates of activity from: 2007 – present
Activity Theme: Culture-based innovation

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