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BeepartCreative workshop Beepart is a platform for cultural and social innovations in Pilaitė District, one of the peripheral suburbs of Vilnius. Beepart provides space for communal cultural, educational, social and business initiatives open for community members as well as encourages participants to take an active role in cultural and social projects.

Beepart fosters cross innovation serving as a meeting point for community members, guest-artists and experts of different qualification and background. The qualifications of community members are employed for the good of cultural and social integration of Pilaitė community. Beepart becomes a lab for any experimental idea that could help improving social and cultural environment for the citizens taking advantage of rallying around a variety of participants. The independent from the infrastructure building of the experimental art centre is made of the disused sea containers, straw-insulated and unlinked to traditional waterways and sewerage.

Role of partners?
Partners provide technical, material and information support. Numerous volunteers aid with practical issues especially with preparation of bigger events like light installation festival.

Why is it needed?
Social environment of suburbs in the Post-Soviet cities is not favorable for cultural and social initiatives. In the block-of-flats districts like Pilaitė there are very little possibilities to implement artistic and social projects for local community as there is no cultural infrastructure. Therefore Beepart creative workshop in its physical incarnation is already a social innovation project as it features a piece of modern architecture and stands for a number of ecological solutions. Active and still growing participation of Pilaitė’s community proves the open premises for cultural, educational, social and business interaction to be indispensible.

What are the success factors and challenges?
Community, visiting artists and experts’ involvement is the main success factor of Beepart creative workshop. The biggest challenge is to ensure financing for projects’ implementation and to involve relevant people. A fund for microprojects or individually implemented projects would be very helpful for Beepart initiatives.

Business name: Creative Workshop BEEPART
Contact name: Andrius Ciplijauskas
Address: Vydūno g. 16 -102; Vilnius LT-06205
Telephone: 37061638568
City: Vilnius
Country: Lithuania
E-mail: andrius(at)
Legal status of Company: NGO,  Public Institution
Number of employees: 2
Nature of business: BEEPART fulfills a numerous functions of a creative cultural centre and an experimental art workshop organizer in the remote Vilnius District of Pilaitė. Beepart implements social and cultural projects for the local community, provides space for small community-based business initiatives, educational and experimental art projects.
Name of company collaborating with:    Daily newspaper “Vilniaus diena”, mobile connection and internet provider BITĖ, expositions, events and advertising company EKSPOBALTA, construction company EIKA.
Title of project: BEEPART
Date of activity: 2010 – present
Activity Theme: Spatial Cross-Collaboration

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