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Smart incentives undoubtedly contribute to the increase of interest in the brand by activating a new website. The wide range of offered trainings encourages the potential addressees to actively participate and expand their existing knowledge in the field of assertiveness and personal development. The possibility of learning about the opinions of course participants is also very helpful, because in addition to the usefullness of the conducted activity it also allows them to develop their company image.

As far as culture-based innovations are concerned, it may be considered that the implemented website can serve as an example for other enterprises that conduct activity of a similar nature.  It presents intentions and defines the skills that are acquired during the training in a coherent and clear way.

The role of partners?
Good relations between the parties turned out to be the key to success.  It was also influenced by the experience of the personnel who dealt with the designing, drafting, and implementing of the website. The entrepreneurs clearly stated their expectations, which necessitated adapting to these requirements while implementing the project.

Why is the project needed?
The cooperation project turned out to be necessary due to the willingness to stimulate greater interest among the public in organised training.
It may be considered that the project enables the spread of the ‘creativity’ phenomenon by means of propagating new educational methods and disseminating the concept of lifelong education. Education at every level of both professional and personal development contributes to the generation of new innovative and creative ideas. Therefore, popularising training and workshops through a website induces a change in awareness with regard to training needs.

Why is it innovative?
By subscribing to a newsletter the user will be able to receive information about the organised training, and also to download a free e-book written by the owner. Additionally, users will be able to familiarise themselves with the coaches’ profiles and learn about the opinions of other users on the organised courses.

What are the challenges and factors that ensure success?
The presented solution includes many positive features that will undoubtedly contribute to an increased interest in the entrepreneur’s website. The proposed offer of training is rich and includes lots of information concerning the conducted courses, such as course outline, topics addressed and application form. Moreover, the website is very well positioned.

Perhaps the graphic layout could be of a better, more modern design which would be more user-friendly. Another element would be providing information about prices of training and time limits for payments. Even though the site map includes such a tab, it does not contain any entries.

Business name: “Bartłomiej Stolarczyk – Assertiveness Trainer”
Contact details: Bartłomiej Stolarczyk
Address: Warchałowskiego 1, 02-776 Warszawa
Telephone: 697 799 589
City: Warsaw
Country: Poland
Legal status of Company: –
Number of employees: 1
Nature of business: Education
Name of company collaborating with: internet agency 42net CreActive
Title of Project: –
Date of activity from: The project was implemented in 2007 and the implementation period was about one month
Activity theme: Culture-Based Innovation
Project website:

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