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Mados Infekcija (Fashion Infection) is an innovative and conceptual event of fashion and art fusion featuring 3-day free and ticketed public events where professional and upcoming designers are brought together.

Such interaction inspires young, creative talents to search for new fashion forms and expressions and gives an opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas among the participants. The festival is distinguished for its conceptuality. The aim of the event is not to show and create trends or to be a fashion dictator, but to help people to develop an individual style and attitude towards fashion and to apply the knowledge in everyday life. Bohemian spirit, extraordinary and unconventional fashion shows, the mix of music, video, photography and other fields of art make the festival a unique 3-day experience of fashion which takes place in the capital of Lithuania: Vilnius. Mados Infekcija breaks traditional boundaries of fashion weeks as it is available for everybody and has the purpose to spread the knowledge of fashion among people.

The festival holds a contest called ‘Fashion Injection’ to search for new talented young designers. The winners are entitled to present their first collection on the main ‘Fashion Infection’ catwalk.

The festival is supplemented by the public event “Mados Inventorizacija“ (Fashion Inventory) when a wide audience is welcomed to various Vilnius locations to visit boutiques and art studijos as well as show rooms of designers taking part in the festival. Workshops of the festival for young designers aim at fostering fashion entrepreneurship and international integration of Lithuanian design fresh-comers. Festival exhibits features of cross innovation in three different aspects. Fashion becomes a main focus for fusion of different fields of art – music, video, photography.

The festival is neither initiated nor driven by Lithuanian fashion industry. However, it is an important venue for new design ideas and new designers who potentially could become involved in Lithuanian fashion design businesses. The festival is already internationally recognised annual event, which helps to build new Lithuanian fashion brands and gives the opportunity for local fashion makers to go internationally.

Also, in the run of more than 20 years of its activity the festival itself became closely intertwined with urban and social development of Vilnius Old Town. The venue of the festival the Contemporary Art Centre with an exhibition space of 2400 square meters is located in the Old Town of the city.

Role of partners?
Support in disseminating information, planning and organising visits of foreign participants, etc.

Why is it needed?
The Festival fosters Lithuanian fashion design, creates opportunities for interaction among different fields of art, develops links between new fashion design talents and fashion industry, enriches cultural landscape of Vilnius.

What are the success factors and challenges?
Attraction of new talented fashion designers, creation of innovative communication strategies, internationalisation of the festival.

Business name: Art Service
Contact name: Mindaugas Morkūnas
Address: Raugyklos g. 15-312, LT-01140
Telephone: +370 5 2629683
City: Vilnius
Country: Lithuania
E-mail: info[at]
Legal status of Company: NGO, Public organisation
Number of employees: –
Nature of business: Organisation of the fashion festival “Mados infekcija” (Fashion Infection)
Name of company collaborating with: Bosca, Panorama, Perwoll, Maybelline, TV 8, Laima, Žmonės, 15 min,
Delfi, JCDecaux, Radisson Blue, Brandworks, Institute Francaise, Goethe Institute, Ekskomisarų biuras, Roofsound, Bilietų pasaulis, Sick service, Contemporary Art Center.
Title of project: Fashion festival “Mados infekcija” (Fashion Infection)
Dates of activity from: 1999 – present
Activity Theme: Culture-based Innovation, Brokerage.
Project website:


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