Practices > Good Practices > Culture-Based Innovation > is the virtual fitting room for online clothing retailers that addresses and solves the single biggest problem for the e-commerce category: the lack of a fitting room.

Accomplished through biorobotic and scientific algorithms, the company uses robotic mannequins that are capable of shape shifting into almost 100,000 different types of body shapes so a consumer can visualize how different sizes and styles of clothing might look on their body type before they purchase. The Virtual Fitting Room makes buying clothing online much easier for consumers because they can see the actual fit of a piece of clothing based on their own unique measurements – just like in the real-life fitting room.

Founded in 2009 and based in Estonia and London, is a privately held company backed by the Estonian Development Fund and Enterprise Estonia. Their technology has been developed by:

• Tartu University – Laboratory of Intelligent Materials and Systems (Estonia)
• Tallinn Technical University – Centre of Biorobotics (Estonia)
• Human Solutions GmbH – the leading provider of anthropometrical data (Germany)

Many fashion retailers have selected’s innovative virtual fitting room for their e-commerce (Barbour, Pretty Green, Otto, Ermenegilda Zegna and Dunhill etc).

Role of partners?
When a retailer partners with, it sends the company samples of all of its clothes. then places each size on its shape-shifting mannequin and cycles through all the body shapes it knows (currently more than 2,000).
As this shape shifting occurs, a camera takes pictures of each size, creating an online database. The database is then seamlessly tied into the retailer’s website, so when a customer enters their measurements, calls up the photo that matches the person’s exact body type and clothing size. as a start-up company is a associated member of Tallinn Creative Incubator where the synergy with other companies (e.g graphic designers) have helped to develop the company. They have won the first place in the competition for start-up companies organised by the International Technology Law Association and in 2009 they have reached an investment from Estonian Development Fond in amount of 310.000 euros. The Development Fund’s investment objective is to finance launching the international online, further international sales development and solutions improvement.

Why is it needed? gives online shoppers a tool to try clothes before buying. It reduces the risk of buying clothes online. Risks decreased, the sales will increase. While t-shirts and other apparel can be often sold without the need to be tried for fit, the differences between brands and sizing standards require customers to try clothes for the best fit before taking the risk of purchase. provides the patent pending technology to increase online apparel sales. Online apparel retailers have the highest return rate in eCommerce. On average, 1-in-4 garments bought online are returned to the retailers. The return rate is higher – over 40% – for fitted and more expensive fashions. Most of the returns are due to bad fit. As fashion is seasonal, the returns bear a very high cost for retailers. Summer apparel, sold in August, and returned in October, is difficult to be resold at any price. increases sales and lowers costs by reducing item returns and helps improve the profits of a retailer.
It solves one of the major problems for online clothing retail, increases sales and reduces costs associated with returns. For customers it makes shopping for clothes online easier.

What are the success factors and challenges?
The service has already been compared to Skype, and considering the vital solution they are offering to the 26 billion dollar online fashion market, there are grounds for drawing these parallels Their technology will have a great impact on fashion industry. would like to replace the unhelpful “size chart”, currently used by online clothing retailers. Everyone should be able to use a fitting room and get perfectly fitting clothes when ordering on the internet.

Business name: (OÜ Massi Miliano)
Contact name: Heiki Haldre
Address: Veerenni 24 c (Tallinn Creative Incubator)
Telephone: + 372 58148422
City: Tallinn
Country: Estonia
Legal status of Company: Private Limited Company
Number of employees: 21
Nature of business: Technology for clothing retailers
Name of company collaborating with: 
Technology has been developed by:
• Tartu University – Laboratory of Intelligent Materials and Systems (Estonia)
• Tallinn Technical University – Centre of Biorobotics (Estonia)
• Human Solutions GmbH – the leading provider of anthropometrical data (Germany)
Title of project:, a virtual fitting room for online clothing retailers
Dates of activity from: 2009 – present
Activity Theme: Culture-Based Innovation
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