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The (ESA) Tallinn Creative Incubator, one of three enterprise incubators run by the Business Support and Credit Management Foundation (Estonian acronym ESA), was officially opened in September 2009, though it had already begun to provide support for creative enterprises in 2008. Opened in September 2009 in the Baltika Quarter, the former administrative building of Baltika Group, the main Estonian garment manufacturer. Total area 1100 m2, 23 studios and office spaces of 10-60 m2, 45-50 workplaces.

Role of partners?
From the beginning, the main partners of the Creative Incubator have been the Estonian Academy of Arts, the Design Institute of Mainor Business School, the Estonian Association of Designers and Estonian Design Centre. As the incubator is situated in the Baltika Kvartal – next to Estonia’s largest fashion retailer ‘Baltika’, a lot of cluster activities in marketing and sales have been developed for Estonian design and handicraft. In order to cooperate in all stages of innovation new partnerships have been established with Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol,

Why is it needed?
The mission of the Tallinn Creative Incubator is to provide a supportive environment for creative enterprises by initially providing them with incubation services. The main emphasis is to improve the business expertise of creative enterprises and to establish a soft infrastructure by developing mechanisms of inclusion, cooperation and participation and to help enterprises become international. This includes making the Creative Incubator an important influence in the creative industries sector.
Strengths: access to quality business environment and support services; synergy derived from in-house connections (raising own business by being eachother`s customers).

What are the success factors and challenges?
Critical success factors are:
a) the quality and adequacy of services provided to the tenants by Tallinn Creative Incubator;
b) the intensity of interaction with the companies located in the same property;
c) the location is extremely important – both in terms of accessibility as well as the right neighbours.

Standing out for its orientation to business rather than to traditional industries, the Tallinn creative incubator was awarded as the second best science based incubator 2010 in the world for Combining Entrepreneurship with Creativity and Culture (9th Annual Conference on Science Based Incubation of The Technopolicy Network).

Business name: Business Support and Credit Management Foundation (ESA)
Contact name: Anu Lõhmus
Address: Veerenni 24 (Tallinn Creative Incubator)
Telephone: +372 604 0620
City: Tallinn
Country: Estonia
Legal status of Company: Foundation
Number of employees: 12
Nature of business: Business support
Name of company collaborating with: 
Universities: Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn University of Technology etc
Businesses: in-house synergy
Business associations: Estonian Design Centre, Tallinn Science Park TEHNOPOL etc
Title of project:  Tallinn Creative Incubator
Dates of activity from: 2009 – present
Activity Theme:  Spatial Cross-Collaboration
Project website:

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