Open HouseThe dance industry is quite important for the economy in the Netherlands. For instance, Amsterdam Dance Event 2014 drew an estimated 300,000 visitors. The industry offers a great opportunity for start-ups. During Amsterdam Dance Event, new innovation platform Open-House was launched by the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, Henk Kamp. Open House offers start-ups a full incubation and acceleration program in the Event, Dance & Music industry.

The uniqueness of Open House lies in the fact that, in addition to the incubation and acceleration program, a launching customer is immediately brought to the table. Open House will also bring start-ups in contact with investors and other launching organizers in the Dance industry. “We want to give young entrepreneurs a place to test their ideas directly and try them out,” said Duncan Stutterheim, CEO of ID&T, and founder of Open-House.

Open-House has a wide partner program. All of them have expressed their faith in the cross-sectorial approach with their participation in Open-House. “The Dance industry is a testing ground, from which ideas can be applied more broadly. Festivals basically have the same problems and issues as a city itself. This makes it easy to scale up your idea “continues Sutterheim. Partners of Open-House next to ID&T and the Ministry of Economic Affairs are Ballast Nedam, ETTU, ABN AMRO, SEEDS, NHTV, TU Delft, University of Amsterdam, Business Models Inc, Business Idea Rating Institute, Dijkstra Voermans Lawyers, Fabrique, Wunderbar Ventures, Hamelink van der Toren and Vitens.

Challenges – submit your idea!
During the launch, Duncan Stutterheim unveiled the first three specific challenges start-ups can submit their ideas for: a water challenge (in collaboration with Vitens), a challenge in the area of waste reduction and new innovations for stage construction. Stutterheim, “As an industry, we struggle for years with these themes. Meaningful innovations can now be tested directly. If successful, there naturally follows a commitment from a launching customer. “Our aim is to launch multiple challenges in the coming years. The more, the better“, says Stutterheim.

Register now
During the next two months start-ups have the possibility to register for the Challenges, after which a jury will reward the best ideas with a participation spot in the Open-House program. In this program, the selected start-ups can further develop their product with the intention to perform a first test in the festival season of 2015.