Earth Landing by Steve Bridger - found on Flickr (CC) September 2014, Creative United launches a new programme that offers financial aid and coaching to businesses in the creative industries. ‘Creative Industry Finance’ is meant to boost the development of cultural and creative industries.

The financial programme is launched in England, and offers companies up to 12 hours of free business support especially applied to the creative sector, as well as opportunities for loans. Also, online applications will be created to show loan opportunities to creative and cultural organisations that are active at least 18  months.

The chief executive of Arts Council England, the organisation behind Creative United, explains the economic significance of the programme: “The roll-out of a nationwide Creative Industry Finance programme is fantastic news for the creative industries and even better news for the economy and those of us that reap the benefits of a well-funded creative sector

“This programme gets right to the heart of creating opportunities for young and fresh talent to bring their creative ambitions to life and to find the seed-funding and much needed capital to support innovation.”

Source: Birmingham Post