Waiting for a celebration... by Pulpolux - Found on Flickr (CC) https://www.flickr.com/photos/pulpolux/110070706The city of Lisbon is putting itself firmly on the map in Europe: not only did they become one of the three European Entrepreneurial Regions of the Year 2015, they also released a strategy of  innovation that was developed by the municipality.

Entrepreneurial Region
The Portuguese capital opositions itself as an Atlantic business hub and startup city, and that caught the eye of the EER jury that consisted of representatives of EU institutions and business associations. The georgraphic location of Lisbon is presented as a gateway to the US, Africa and the EU. The “startup city” identity is supporte by the great number of initiatives in this light, for example “Empresa na hora” that enables new business creation in a short period of time, and the Startup Lisboa business incubator that exists since 2012. Other good practices in the city of Lisbon are the Lisbon Youth Entrepreneurship Programme that trains adolescents in career development and entrepreneurship, and the Lisbon Challenge that selects startups for top mentoring and international support programmes.

Innovation Strategy
WHat tools can we use to optimise a city? The Deputy Mayor of Lisbon, Graça Fonseca, presented the Innovation Strategy for the city of Lisbon. The strategy was developed by the municipality and is meant to demonstrate “the City’s DNA” and be used as a tool of urban optimization. The strategic plan is based on the promotion of Lisbon’s assets.

More information

  • For more details on the European Entrepreneurial Region of the Year-project, please visit the project website.
  • The presentation video of Deputy Mayor Graça Fonseca is available online here.