Book report by Juhan Sonin - Found on Flickr (Creative Commons) Cross Innovation partner city of Rome released a report that summarizes a great deal of the work that has been done in the Cross Innovation project. Read on to learn about the main findings and practices that the project brought. Full download is available on the bottom of the article.

In this final report, the focus lies on internationalisation and brokerage activities. Questions that are addressed are:  what did the partner cities do in the project concerning cross-fertilization? What positive impact did that have? What were the most relevant topics that emerged from experiences in the partner cities? And what learnings did we find in matchmaking activities during the Berlin event?

Mapping sectors
The project was set up around mapping sectors and companies that have high potential for cross innovation, to enhance cross fertilization. To do so, innovation audits and networking/matchmaking activities were organized.

Each partner city was coupled with relevant sectors that were relevant to analyze the process of internationalisation in that particular city. Then, a number of companies were selected to work with on the matchmaking platform and during networking events. The 102 companies on the platform were divided into two categories: creative companies, and companies from “other growth sectors”. In te report, more info on these participants and additional matchmaking and/or networking events can be found.

Because of the Berlin event, many possibilities for collaboration were created. A selection of 40 most interesting ‘meetings’  was made and documented. This resulted in a online database that has been used by city brokers to establish new creative/growth sector SME relationships. Also, the database acted as a promotion for the companies involved.

Download the report
Read the full report:

Internationalisation Case Study Report (pdf)