© Rob Lainchbury, www.laito.co.ukOn October 16-17, we summarised the work that has been done during the last three years during the Final Conference. Although the preparedness of the cities to utilise cross innovation greatly depends on politicians and enterprises, and their readiness to accept something new, it was recognised that results were achieved together, which would not have been possible when working alone. 

Source: Creative Estonia

“We work with, and not only for, people,” said project manager Dr. Steve Harding at the project’s final conference.  Within the framework of the project, companies from all the participating countries were brought together in order to establish contacts and a web-based contacts database for SMEs. A plan was created for every city for how to promote cross innovation at the local level and to map all the possible points of contact, where the creative sector has or can contribute to the birth of innovation. A tool for the better planning of cross innovation was completed for policymakers, and the cities established contacts with brokers, who can help to facilitate the bringing together of various sectors. “Cross innovation works and there is demand for it. Companies are ready to use new approaches, but require the necessary brokers – people, events and places,” Harding said summarising the project.

At the conference, the city representatives shared their good, and not so good, experiences related to cooperation between the creative and other sectors. Berlin introduced the crowdfunding platform (see www.crowdfunding-berlin.com), which has the goal of developing crowdfunding for the creative economy and ICT, but also for the field of creative education. Amsterdam introduced its own success story, whereby Amsterdam was chosen to be a finalist in the pan-European Mayors Challenge 2013–2014. Amsterdam’s success was based on the development of Play2Work, a platform for matching job-seeking young people and employers, and which enables young people to use playful solutions to better understand their skills and competences.

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