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Services For Education (S4E) works with schools in the Birmingham Local Authority to provide training and upskilling for teachers. It has a number of Education Advisers who support schools and services so that they can deliver effective PSHE and Citizenship education. They also support senior staff in wider role such as safeguarding, safer recruitment, management of medicines and food safety.

Which other Creative Sectors has the SME worked with?
Games, Multimedia & Web, Open Data

Which other Growth Sectors has the SME worked with?

Were any relationships rewarding?

The Digital SME’s have created new and interesting ways to manage the new curriculum. New and innovative products that can assist teachers and schools are crucial for S4E’s development.

How does the SME think it could benefit from other sectors' input?

S4E is attempting to bring commercial models to the education sector. Understanding how other sectors have addresses the challenges of bringing innovation to sectors that are traditional and ways of generating an income through those sectors would be very valuable.

What can the SME offer other sectors?

Experience of working within the education sector and of the education sector working with the technology sector are important. S4E feels it can share this with other organisations attempting to bring innovation to traditional sectors.

To what extent would the SME be prepared to share information?

Prepared to share information provided certain confidential information can be contained.

How would the SME describe its potential for cross innovation?

S4E are developing products for the school education market working with digital businesses. Understanding how these products could be used by other sectors is interesting and how technology solutions fro other sectors could apply to the education market.

Out of the 11 Cross Innovation Partner Cities, are there any particular cities with which the SME would like to form a new relationship?
Amsterdam, Berlin, Birmingham, Linz, Lisbon, Pilsen, Rome, Stockholm, Tallinn, Vilnius, Warsaw

Are there any particular organisations outside the SMEs home country, with which it would like to connect?


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