Clarifying Healthcare: We are specialized in interactive 3d visualisations for the medical market, to give insight about diseases, procedures, medical devices etc. to patients, healthcare professionals and clients.

Which other Creative Sectors has the SME worked with?

Which other Growth Sectors has the SME worked with?
Healthcare (Life Sciences & Medical)

Were any relationships rewarding?

MCA: Foreest innovation award

AMC: Second prize: CZ Zorgprijs 2013

How does the SME think it could benefit from other sectors' input?

Knowledge and partnership: 1 + 1 = 3

Healthcare: Innovation – Expansion

Education: Innovation – Development

What can the SME offer other sectors?

Digital within Healthcare: 3D expertise – Innovative framework – Healthcare market knowledge – Global clients

To what extent would the SME be prepared to share information?

In a relationship transparency is key! Under NDA we share (almost) everything.

How would the SME describe its potential for cross innovation?

We used the Netherlands as a pilot country. Now we are ready to scale. It would be great to do this with partners within Europe. Same or new innovative products.

Out of the 11 Cross Innovation Partner Cities, are there any particular cities with which the SME would like to form a new relationship?

Are there any particular organisations outside the SMEs home country, with which it would like to connect?

* A hospital together with DHZB (Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin (<>) regarding our [Heart Medical experience](
* Ge Healthcare: <>. For CGI (Computer generated imagery). When a master asset is produced, various derived 3D solution for different channels can be easily produced (See attachment).
* Berlin innovations center: Create new innovative ways regarding patient counseling

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