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MAAST Furniture

Derelict is an Estonian furniture design brand with an unique approach. Pioneered by two designers, Tõnis Kalve and Ahti Grünberg, Derelict creates** unique, creative furniture** from **old wood recovered from industrial scrap, woodpiles and decrepit sheds**.

More importantly, every furniture item created by Derelict **has a story to tell.** From pieces depicting the old camper’s house in the deep Baltic forests to the decaying Hippodrome of Tallinn from the Republic of Estonia in the 1920s, every piece created is meaningful and interesting.

Derelict is creative, green and is truly contemporary. Each item crafted is a piece of art and comes with a **two years’ guarantee.**

Derelict Furniture is from autumn 2013 awarded with a place at **the permanent exposition of Estonian Design at Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design**

Which other Creative Sectors has the SME worked with?
Design, Games, Multimedia & Web, Architecture

Which other Growth Sectors has the SME worked with?
Environment & Energy

Were any relationships rewarding?

As Derelict Furniture is a young company established approx. 1 year ago it means that our relationships start to reward only from now on. Even though Derelict can agree that the two projects with State Forest Management Centre and Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design were particularly awarding as we learned to use **individual recycled material to create a new product line**.

Furthermore Derelict considers the cooperation with lighting company KEHA3 very promising any time by now as KEHA3 is already an established value in design market and we are searching to broaden our boundaries by cooperated design and to create a unique value in conceptual approaches.

How does the SME think it could benefit from other sectors' input?

Derelict is revolutionizing the design industry by constantly changing the boundaries between reused and upcycled material with an infinite life cycle. As the unique manufacturing process involves cleaning the recovered wood, gluing it and calibrating it to the right size to achieve the envisioned design the concept behind Derelict is to use the imperfections of old material and highlight it to bring out its textural beauty and color nuances in the furniture created.

Therefore it is uttermost important to Derelict to gather continuously **interesting recycled materials** to produce our products as we aim to use material gathered from **cooperations manufacturing, environment and energy, building sector, forestry, tourism and heritage** to name just few.

We could hereby use also a help from **IT sector and crowdfunding** for creatively raising money for materials which we otherwise would not be able to possess. Often old heritage or industrial scrap will be sold for other purposes and we would not be able to upcycle those leftovers for sustainable purposes.

Furthermore we would need a strong cooperation and **help from scientific institutions** to create new ways to upcycle materials which would be suitable for furniture design and would benefit us with broader product and material range. Hereby we also need to solve an important matter for the clients of Derelict healthy consistency of the recycled material and for the purpose of sustainabilityto find out the scientific proves for UV light damages for upcycled materials and for its lifecycle.

Derelict Furniture in particular would benefit from other sectors’ input by out of house knowledge and vision and most hopefully a better scientific approach how to produce its goods and a fresh vision and contacts how to market those values in chosen markets by f.e. using **appropriate and innovative digital solution**.

Above all Derelict wants to fulfill its main goal to internationalize and see how others do it through innovation.

What can the SME offer other sectors?

Derelict Furniture thinks to **add value** to the other sectors SME’s by the knowledge for design approach and user comfort which are its core values in design field.

Derelict is constantly changing the boundaries between reused and upcycled material with an infinite life cycle. As the unique manufacturing process involves cleaning the recovered wood, gluing it and calibrating it to the right size to achieve the envisioned design the knowledge behind Derelict is **the knowhow of how to use old wooden material and how recycle it appropriately.** As one of the designers of Derelict is an experienced carpenter Derelict would be able to benefit the other sectors with its **handcrafted skills and knowledge with different wooden materials and even metal.**

Furthermore Derelict would help other participants to **unleash them form their industrial scrap or production leftovers.** Cooperation with Derelict could also create in collaboration with our designers a new product from their industrial leftovers which would raise their environmental responsibility and green footprint. This is an investment in good imago and sustainability in the eyes of clients raising value of the company. Other participants could also use the knowhow of design of Derelict to raise the quality and design of their own products.

Above all Derelict believes to be a deep thinker and not superficial participant trying to generate a useful energy while being very opened for serious cooperation as this is already our working method for gathering unique materials.

Last but not least Derelict can offer a vivid experience from **Estonian active entrepreneurial landscape** and various business experiences in other European countries via its workers curriculum which offers more than just an inside as Estonian citizen or entrepreneurits experience is much wider and richer than one country approach as a creative inventor.

To what extent would the SME be prepared to share information?

To the widest extend exclusive particular financial information (to protect the privacy rights of clients)

How would the SME describe its potential for cross innovation?

Derelict potential for cross innovation would evolve by highly opened approach – Derelict is a **UPCYCLE furniture production company** which production and sales depends widely fromthe knowledge developed at the market. Therefore Derelict is the best “victim” for new knowledge and best creator and active participator for this kind of crossinnovational platform.

We depend on innovation as well as in our production processes as in our marketing approachesas the old adson would not work with a piece of art furniture which needs an extra extraordinary tool to complete its production process making them even more useroriented and bringing it to the potential client in a really surprising way.

As a young and openminded company we think that the future key to success is collaboration and thinktank wise working method where wish to innovate and invest in testing new ideas has the vital part.

We think that young companies working at currently overinformed world miss the most useful help from the experienced and local networksto share and not to make the same mistakes already made.

Derelict has already experienced in an international workshop at Loov Eesti how fruitful and refreshing this kind of event can be to create an out of the box approach and deliver mutually new perspectives through different visions mingled together.

Out of the 11 Cross Innovation Partner Cities, are there any particular cities with which the SME would like to form a new relationship?
Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm

Are there any particular organisations outside the SMEs home country, with which it would like to connect?

* Amsterdam Economic Board (Netherlands)

Netherland is for its cultivated design market Derelict first export goal for which we are keenly looking for partners and collaboration ideas.

● Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research (Germany)

Germany is for its broad export market and for its developed scientific approach for production our second export goal where our interest in crossinnovation is the highest among the other partners

● Birmingham City University (United Kingdom – Lead Partner)

United Kingdom for its developed design knowledge is our future export goal and we are highly interested in the local connections for further developing our own design and crossinnovational capacieties

* Province of Rome, Department of Innovation and Enterprise (Italy)

Derelict design reminds according to many users Italian design for which we makes us particularly interested in the local crossinnovational movements to enrich our approach with Italian wellcultivated and highly architonic style

● City of Stockholm, HägerstenLiljeholmen City Council (Sweden)

Sweden is for many Estonian companies its first export market. Whilst Derelict would not like to approach Sweden suddenly we believe to be able to learn the most from Swedish wellknown landmarkservice marketing for which approach Derelict has still a lot to add in its knowledge

* The Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm, Sweden.

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