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LeS Creations di Luca Marsiliani

LeS Creations is a high-quality goldsmith laboratory, specialized in the design and creation of unique jewelleries.

The uniqueness of the outputs is assured by the expertise for handicraft and the required customization.

Selected jewels and natural precious stones are absolutely used, without exceptions. Both technical and aestethic validity are guaranteed.

Selection of the natural precious stones is extremely important for LeS Creations: for instance, high-quality international certified diamonds are offered.

Customisation is assured by CAD modelling, by handicrafting and, finally, by customisable engraving.

The high quality customisations allow to shape also emotions and experience emotions through jewels

All projects are implemented by a transversal working group composed by designers, handicrafters/goldsmiths.

LeS Creations strongly believe in the collaboration among companies operating in the same sector in order to boost Made in Italy (i.e. ‘Lux Made In’ project promoted by the Association of Young Italian Jewellers). Additionally, cross-fertilization among different sectors should be encouraged: collaborations between companies surely allows to provide excellent quality products/services to the customers.

Made in Italy must be always underlined: LeS Creations indicate its 100% handmake made in Italy in the guarantee certification.

Which other Creative Sectors has the SME worked with?

Which other Growth Sectors has the SME worked with?

Were any relationships rewarding?


How does the SME think it could benefit from other sectors' input?

Other sectors’ inputs bring know-how, new perspectives and approaches about business activities.

In particular, new resources should be invested in exhibitions in touristic places: Italian handicrafts are very appreciated. Moreover, these activities will allow LeS creations to enter new markets.

What can the SME offer other sectors?

Other sectors may benefit

* from Italian design and creativity approach;
* from high-quality work attitude;
* from ‘aggressive’ marketing approach

To what extent would the SME be prepared to share information?

Company is ready to share information. It is important that organisations located in Lazio and with the same core business will be excluded from the list of organisations to be involved for collaborations

How would the SME describe its potential for cross innovation?

Potential for cross innovation is very high. Among others, these aspects should be highlighted:

* know-how increase;
* visibility increase;
* new contacts for commercial partnerships;
* new markets;


Out of the 11 Cross Innovation Partner Cities, are there any particular cities with which the SME would like to form a new relationship?

Are there any particular organisations outside the SMEs home country, with which it would like to connect?

Association of Young Italian Jewellers

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