Design and trade of homemade, in Italy, sandals and manufactured according to a utility model, registered in Italy and Spain, which makes the components interchangeable and, as a consequence, the models customizable both in color and shape, either packaged through a tailored service.

The marketing of the product takes place either through: private sales, exhibitions and fairs, retailers, online store (nearing completion)

Which other Creative Sectors has the SME worked with?
Design, Mobile & Social Media, Contemporary Arts, Publishing

Which other Growth Sectors has the SME worked with?

Were any relationships rewarding?

All the experienced collaboration can be considered as fundamental for the growing up of the brand, whose development is mainly related to the quality of the products (workmanship and materials) but prime are the quality of the image of the brand and its related communication, the depth of distribution, the wide circulation over social media, the ease of use of the web site, and specifically the process of online purchasing.

How does the SME think it could benefit from other sectors' input?

**Product Innovation**

New material research , specifically the eco-friendly ones, both for the creation of the product itself (sole, upper, ring and accessories) but also for all the other surrounding elements (i.e. packaging, brochures, etc)

Engineering of new components the sandal:

-Coupling systems uppers to sole different from the current rings, or similar rings but improved;

-Uppers that could be accessories that could be used separately from the shoe (earrings, necklaces, accessories for clothes)

-Development of custom uppers

-New structures (soles, insoles, heels)

**Service Innovation**

New sales systems alongside the traditional ones: private sales, trade shows, retail and online.

New shopping experiences: development of software embedded in the web site allowing:

– 3D visualization

– Customization of each component of the sandal

– Improving tailored service

**Innovation management**

Software enabling the management of sales and inventory, taking into account the particular aspect of the separation of components: soles and uppers

**Brand’s awareness**

Opening access channel with all those organizations that could circulate the product creating the brand’s image and positioning it in the luxury sector (magazines, celebrities from the world of show business, international trade fairs, etc.)

What can the SME offer other sectors?

Sharing of its own case history: the idea, the project and its implementation. How to build a company from an idea, without having expertise in the field and without substantial financial resources. The experience can be presented on a purely operational point of view, but also according to a psychological one, thanks to my training in Psychology and a specialization in Psychotherapy. Which are all the emotional insights, the crucial change of perspective needed to cross their own borders, supporting the difficulties, discovering new resources and offering new opportunities.

Sharing of skills acquired in the field of styling, manufacturing, sales and communication with regard to the Fashion / Luxury sector.

To what extent would the SME be prepared to share information?

Training. Teaching to young entrepreneurs and / or designers.

Develop new products and sales systems starting from the principles of functionality, customization and eco-sustainability

How would the SME describe its potential for cross innovation?

Fully available for collaboration and for acquiring new knowledge from different sector that could be propaedeutic to cross innovation opportunities.

Out of the 11 Cross Innovation Partner Cities, are there any particular cities with which the SME would like to form a new relationship?
Amsterdam, Berlin, Birmingham, Linz, Lisbon, Pilsen, Stockholm, Tallinn, Vilnius, Warsaw

Are there any particular organisations outside the SMEs home country, with which it would like to connect?


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