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Digital Life Sciences Ltd

Digital Life Sciences works wholly in the Health and Social Care arena. We are a health-oriented digital organisation that creates digital products designed to underpin the digital delivery of healthcare and promote service improvement based upon digitally sourced patient and staff insight. Examples of our current interaction with the ‘market’ are as follows:
With the U.K. Technology Strategy Board we are the lead delivery partner in one of their four DALLAS programmes (Delivering Assisted Living and Lifestyles at Scale) – Year Zero. This programme currently includes the development and roll-out of ‘A Better Plan’, an on-line and mobile care planning tool, specifically designed for people with long term conditions and directed towards the ageing population.

We are currently working with the NHS in Scotland to develop a service called ‘No Delays’, a video-on-demand service that enables people with chronic conditions to consume specialist advice and knowledge from their health professionals whilst at home or on the move.

We currently lead the delivery of NHS local, a West Midlands specific initiative that provides targeted content, advice and tools to people across the West Midlands who are interested in their own health.

Through our relationship with Maverick Television (the parent company of Digital Life Sciences), we have significant extended experience in providing multi-media solutions to people with health needs. Ranging from the mainstream TV through to scalable digital provision of health channels to the home (e.g. YouTube Channels), we have genuine depth of experience in providing engaging content to support healthy lifestyles.

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Healthcare (Life Sciences & Medical)

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Digital Life Sciences is focused on bringing the digital revolution which is well established in other areas of service provision to the health and social care sector. We are keen to collaborate with organisations that are already delivering the digital agenda through consumer-orientated products and services in health/social care and other sectors within their regional economy to understand and overcome the challenges associated with mainstreaming the use of technology and enabling consumer-driven health care. We also believe that there is little value in recreating proven digital solutions so are looking to collaborate with organisations that are willing to enter into a partnership with us to extend the use of their product/solution set for use within the health and social care environment in the UK.

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As an SME, Digital Life Sciences is reasonably unique. This uniqueness is born out of the heritage of our business, which has brought together three distinct capabilities:
• An underlying depth of experience in delivering scalable, user orientated, digital products for the mass market;
• A healthcare business strategy, transformation and services team that are dedicated to transforming the delivery of local healthcare through digital channels; and
• An award winning multi-media content and public engagement team, that creates the environment for en-masse engagement with our products and services.

As a result of these combined capabilities, the business sits at the intersection of digital technology providers, healthcare providers and the major consultancies/business service companies. The diagram below outlines this positioning:

Through this clear positioning, we’ve developed a clear business strategy towards becoming a digital health provider – ultimately Digital Life Sciences is designed to create a new market for health services, one where healthcare is delivered digitally and offers a more efficient model for high quality non-invasive care and supported self-management.
In delivering this strategy, the business has developed a strong partnering ethos. Almost all of our work is delivered through some form of commercial partnership with small technology companies, business services companies, healthcare providers and indeed academic institutes.
In turn, this partnering ethos has led us to the point where we now have joint venture businesses with the NHS to fulfil the digital requirements of local care pathways – a major focus for Digital Life Sciences is on delivering local value through scalable digital products and services.
We would welcome opportunities to share our knowledge and experience with other industry organisations focused on enabling consumers to do more for themselves

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We would be happy to share information. For more sensitive material, we would request signing of a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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