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BTM Mazovia

BTM (BioTechMed) is a non-profit company supporting commercialization of research results conducted in the scientific institutions, through professional technology transfer management and rising private and public capital to finance innovative R&D.

Our mission is to provide complex services supporting the way from idea to the market. The aim of the BTM is to support research units, research groups and inventors in innovation. We strive for setting standards in our field and creating strong relationship with Life Sciences sector.

We prepare strategies for commercialization, we protect the intellectual property generated, we are building a network of cooperating entities, as well as acquiring funds for projects with potential application.

We have strong expertise in the management of scientific projects from the earliest stages. Within three years, our supported activities include 6 research projects, for which we obtained more than 10 million EURO funding. We work closely with 5 research units and 2 capital funds. We created four special purpose companies.

The idea of ​​a BTM was born in 2010 among a group of participants and organizers of the first international conference on Managing Innovation, whose aim was to develop and implement an effective system of technology transfer for the Centre for Preclinical Research and Technology (CePT) in Warsaw.

BTM also supports building relations and initiation of cooperation between business and science in the emerging on the Ochota Research Campus BioTechMed Cluster.

Which other Creative Sectors has the SME worked with?
Games, Multimedia & Web, Audiovisual

Which other Growth Sectors has the SME worked with?
Financial Services

Were any relationships rewarding?

BTM worked with Visual Science Production company (Netiology Sp. z o.o.) in order to produce a short movie on possibilities of establishing a bio-tech-med science park in the Warsaw agglomeration area.

How does the SME think it could benefit from other sectors' input?

On the way from idea in Life Sciences to the market, creative sectors have an important role of providing branding, design and marketing services. We are also currently searching for creative and innovative ways to build relationship with science as a target group, become opinion leader and stand out from the competition. Effective recruitment to our projects is also our concern lately, we could benefit from cooperation in that field.

What can the SME offer other sectors?

We could benefit the Creatives with contacts and cooperation with numerous Polish companies, as well as experience with Polish BioTechMed market.

To what extent would the SME be prepared to share information?

We are willing to fully share our knowledge and experience.

How would the SME describe its potential for cross innovation?

We are fully aware of our needs that can be satisfied only by creative sectors. We are at the stage of our development where we should learn and incorporate creative skills into our business model. We already are innovative and specialize in supporting innovation. More cross-innovation would prepare us even more for challenges of modern market in the healthcare sector.

Out of the 11 Cross Innovation Partner Cities, are there any particular cities with which the SME would like to form a new relationship?
Berlin, Birmingham, Pilsen, Stockholm, Tallinn, Vilnius

Are there any particular organisations outside the SMEs home country, with which it would like to connect?

Technology Transfer Centres and Investment Funds (Venture Capital) from all Partner Cities would be interesting to connect with.

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