An Interreg 1VC Project supported by the European Union

The project starts in early 2012 and runs to December 2014. The objective is to identify and share good practices in policy in “cross-innovation” – how creative industries work with other growth sectors in 11 cities across the EU. The total project value is c €2.5m.

The partner cities are: Amsterdam, Berlin, Birmingham (BCU is Project Lead Partner), Stockholm, Linz, Plzen, Vilnius, Warsaw, Rome, Tallinn and Lisbon.

There are three Components:

  1. Management: BCU, Component Leader
  2. Communication & Dissemination: Amsterdam
  3. Project delivery: BCU. Rome will work in C3 on SME exchanges and Berlin in C2 on links within the EU.

The project will look at 4 key policy themes of Cross Innovation:

  1. Smart incentives –  finance
  2. Culture based innovation – unleashing new ideas into other businesses
  3. Brokerage services – bridge building
  4. Spatial –  cross collaboration services in co-working spaces, incubators, fab labs & science parks.

The project will:

  • Resource a study on cross innovation – consider what is happening globally & in terms of policies.
  • Develop a cross innovation knowledge base – on-line – each city providing 4 cases – 40+ examples of good practice.
  • Publish a manifesto for policy makers & research and disseminate good practice in the topic.
  • Arrange 5 study visits – focus on key examples from the 40+ cases which give the maximum potential for learning.
  • Run 5 policy clinics for partner city stakeholders & experts to enable implementation.
  • Develop a tool kit on cross innovation practices & policies.
  • Run a workshop on internationalisation to foster collaboration at the city level between the partners.
  • Identify through a feasibility study the strategic sectors best linked at the city level.
  • Undertake a “Light Pilot” with sectors which have the most potential for growth and disseminate lessons learnt.
  • Each partner city will develop a local implementation plan.
  • Run the website:

Cross Innovation in a nutshell 2012 (pdf)