The Stockholm region is diverse, innovative and globally connected. As the largest city and growth engine of Scandinavia with an open, supportive and stable business environment, Stockholm serves as a safe haven for investors.

Stockholm’s cosmopolitan energy is a magnet for talent – and the region welcomes the skills, capital, ideas and culture that new residents and investors contribute to our economy. Our excellent quality of life, which combines a vibrant downtown area with closeness to nature, creates the unique Stockholm lifestyle.

Stockholm is built on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges. The beautiful buildings, the greenery, the fresh air and the proximity to the water are distinctive traits of this city.

With its 750 year history and rich cultural life, Stockholm offers a wide selection of world-class museums and attractions. Most of the city’s attractions can be reached on foot, and there’s a good chance of experiencing a lot of things in a short time.

Swedish culture is open-minded, and the ability to bridge disciplines and bring together corporate and academic research environments puts Stockholm in a great position to deliver results. Stockholm is often considered a leader in adopting new technologies and setting new consumer trends. There are many examples of companies using Stockholm as a test market.

The latest edition of the PWC report “Cities of Opportunity” puts Stockholm in number four (the highest ranking city in Europe), together with New York, Toronto and San Francisco. Stockholm is mentioned as an up-and-coming example. The report ranks 26 global cities based on ten categories from lifestyle to business. Stockholm had the highest scores in the sub-categories: intellectual capital and innovation, health, safety, demographics and livability.

Stockholm is also known as a global hub for cultural innovation and is one of the central nodes in the European cultural economic networks with an exciting interplay between technology, service industries and new forms of culture. Stockholm is also one of the top 10 regions in Europe in number of employees within the cultural and creative industries and has ensured the region’s population size, the region has the second largest concentration of active in cultural and creative industries across Europe, surpassed only by the City of London, mentioned in Power & Nielsen (2010), Priority Sector Report: Creative and Cultural Industries, the European Cluster Observatory.

The Stockholm region offers access to world-class skills, research and technologies. As one of the most knowledge-intensive and innovative regions in the world, Stockholm has an impressive track record as a leading supplier of innovative solutions and products in a wide range of global industries. Investment opportunities are to be found in key sectors such as Life Science, ICT, Cleantech, Financial Services and Automation.

City of Stockholm is represented by the Hägersten-Liljeholmen City District, home to Telefonplan, one of the most advanced creative city districts of Stockholm. The municipality, using its triple-helix approach to development also in projects, working closely with stakeholders from the city administration, academic; Konstfack and the joint creative incubator “Transit” and private; real estate developers involved in the Telefonplan creative districts sectors.

The Stockholm region in brief

  • Inhabitants: 3.4 million
  • Workforce: 1.8 million
  • Universities: 28
  • Researchers: 8,400
  • Students: 108, 000
  • Companies: 360, 000
  • RGDP: € 130 billion
  • RGDP/GDP: 42 percent

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