The Province of Rome is an Italian local authority; it represents 121 councils (Rome included) and governs one of the largest and the most populated metropolitan area in Italy (4.1 million).
The Province of Rome is one of the 11 partners of the Cross Innovation consortium. It is represented in the programme by the “Innovation and Enterprise Department”, an administrative body directly responding to the Presidency and responsible for promoting innovation and economic development in the metropolitan area.

In the most recent years, in line with specific indications at the European level – 2009 being European Year of Innovation and Creativity – the Province has been promoting entrepreneurship in particular within the “creative industry” (i.e. fashion, design, architecture, audiovisual, communication, advertising, music, artistic handcrafting, ICT for exploiting cultural heritage etc): a sector which has a significant weight and a great potential in the Rome metropolitan area and represents one of the key component of the territorial identity. i.e. contribution of creative industries to Turnover of enterprises of the area is 4.6% (through very restrictive criteria, and has strong presences in Digital Industries, TV and Movie. Also Design, fashion and publishing are increasing their presence).

Given these elements – i.e. the connection with European institutions and the economic weight of the industries – the Province has developed a wide ranging programme (“RomaProvinciaCreativa”) supporting the development of creative industries of the area through a series of financial and non-financial schemes and the development of cooperative links with relevant stakeholders.

The program has involved more than EUR 2 mln of financial public resources (partly direct funds, partly regional and Chamber of Trade and Industry ones). The resources have been employed in:

  1. up to EUR 25.000 grants for startups in this sectors (around 60 start new firms created);
  2. up to EUR 10.000 grants for initiatives to diffuse creativity values among different stakeholders;
  3. publications and events connecting to this specific economic sector (the different editions of the volume “RomaCreativa” providing a map of where creative industries are going in the area, and the organisation of the yearly “Giornata della creatività”).

The political and administrative bodies of the Province have moved creativity and innovation at the centre-stage of political discourse in the area. In doing this the Province has established ties with relevant stakeholders (Universities, specialized schools and Enterprises) both via the establishment of official administrative advisory bodies (Osservatorio della Creatività and Osservatorio dell’Innovazione), the establishment of specific cooperative programmes and the participation in the definition of financial supporting schemes.

A programme to develop centres for creativity and innovation in different public buildings of the Province (e.g. Centri per la creatività e l’innovazione) is underway, together with the project of building a Palace for Creativity and a location for Start-ups. A web platform dedicated to creativity and innovation ( has been launched to strengthen links among stakeholders and promote the development of a market for and of creative services.

Furthermore, the Province, through its specialized body Officina Innovazione, is promoting schemes to foster innovation in SMEs and tp encourage new business ideas through interaction among Rome’ Universities’ economic and technical faculties.

In the future years the city of Rome wishes to further strengthen the links between its creative development and its innovation policy endeavors. Specific areas will be: digital technology applied to Cultural Heritage; Open Data and apps; strengthening of links among creative industries and public administration and private enterprise in order to increase design and output of public services and productivity of firms.

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