Pilsen with its 165 thousand inhabitants is the fourth largest city in the Czech Republic. Since its foundation in 1295, the City of Pilsen has naturally become a cultural and economic centre of the Western Bohemia. The city came to prominence in the middle of the 19th century when the Škoda Works Company and the Pilsner Urquell Brewery were founded.

However, Pilsen is significant not only for its world famous beer brand and its industrial production. Pilsen is the cradle of the Czech puppet theatre and Pilsen theatre in general has always played a crucial role in shaping the national and cultural history of the Czech lands. Pilsen is also the seat of the University of West Bohemia that kindles intellectual, creative and artistic potential, research and effort to link new technologies with art for experts as well as for the general public. Drawing on a long and rich cultural tradition, Pilsen is a culturally vibrant place, hosting a number of events and international theatre, puppet theatre, film and musical festivals with a significant European dimension.

With a leading position in the regional cultural and industrial life, Pilsen boasts of an exceptionally friendly atmosphere resulting from a synergy of its geographical location, human dimension and cultural tradition and allowing for natural encounters and merging of local inhabitants with students, Czech and foreign tourists and expatriates.

European Capital of Culture of 2015
Pilsen has won the prestigious EU title of the European Capital of Culture of 2015 and it is Pilsen 2015, public benefit organisation, that has become one of the 11 partners in Cross Innovation Consortium.

The main objective of Pilsen within the project of Cross Innovation is to develop know-how that will lead to the genesis of the Creative Incubator and the Creative Industries Research Centre in Pilsen. In cooperation with the Institute of Art and Design, University of West Bohemia, that focuses on applied arts and design and stresses interdisciplinarity, we are creating a local implementation plan based on which there will be established a space for the cultivation and development of skills and practical capabilities of people who have studied creative arts at secondary schools and universities.

Creative Incubator
The Incubator will be on the lookout for talented fresh graduates from various sectors, who will then be granted one-year scholarships for their active involvement in the Incubator. The acquired know-how will be used by participants when starting their own enterprises in the creative industries domain (design, multimedia, IT technologies etc.). The Creative Incubator will be situated in the new multifunctional centre Světovar in Pilsen.

Creative Industries Research Centre
The Research Centre will serve as a platform for life-long learning in the field of creative industries – an exchange of practical know-how as well as theory and continuous educational programmes for business development in creative industries. The Creative Incubator will also run a special programme to encourage start-up activities of small firms in this sector, to foster the exchange of experience with international experts and successful businesspeople, and to offer marketing support for the practical application of the Incubator’s output.

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Petr Šimon
Project manager
Mail: SimonP(at)plzen2015.cz

Alena Šindelářová
Coordinator of European projects
Mail: sindelarovaa(at)plzen2015.cz